Aaron Portero, Managing Director of Connect Group, Gives Insight for AGBI Article

On January 19th, one of the top news websites of the Middle East, Arabian Gulf Business Insight, posted a piece about European and Russian foreigners choosing to freelance in UAE. Therefore, to obtain information about visa application, this website reached out to Aaron Portero – Managing Director of Connect Group.

To provide professional insight about Russians obtaining the UAE freelance visa, Portero says: “Taking advantage of the freelance visa option to relocate themselves and their dependents to a safer location. Consulting, content developers, tutors, fitness trainers, and IT specialists are among the most popular freelance industries.”

Source Link: European and Russian expats opt for freelance jobs in UAE

In addition, Connect Group states that “Around 60% of freelance visa requests come from UAE residents. With the remaining 40% coming from persons residing abroad who desire to relocate to the country.”

“One of the key reasons why locals choose freelance licenses is because organizations prefer to hire people who already have a visa,” Portero explains. According to Aaron Portero, visa applications will increase by at least 25 to 30% in 2023. This is in addition to a record amount of visa applications for its numerous UAE-based clients in 2022.

We extend our gratitude to the Arabian Gulf Business Insight for reaching out to us to collaborate on this article. As a result, as freelance visa providers, we are thankful to be a trustworthy source of data for the AGBI.

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