Aaron Portero, Managing Director of Connect Group Appears in an article by Khaleej Times

On December, 2022, one of the most prestigious news websites of the region, Khaleej Times, published a piece about the economic slowdown that may happen in 2023. Therefore, for this article, Aaron Portero –Managing Director of Connect Group– was contacted to give his opinion about this issue.

About this possible economic recession, Portero says: “Uncertainty pervades as a global recession looms. Hence, firms are closely monitoring their bottom line. Consequently, many people are reluctant to accept full-time jobs even when they are still in need of filling a gap.”

Source Link: UAE economy to dodge recession in 2023

While expressing his opinion, Potero notes: “With many local companies adjusting their personnel to take on freelancers, the April visa adjustment is now fully in place. Freelancers have undeniable power. It significantly widens the talent pool; enabling businesses to hire and fill their skills needs at a small fraction of the cost.”

We thank Khaleej Times for reaching out to our Managing Director to be a part of this essential piece. Aaron Potero also expresses his gratitude to appear in this article along with other professionals in the industry.

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