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Dubai is one of the most important commercial hubs, and we observe as organizations from Asia, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Africa are interested in local markets. Therefore, the figures of payroll outsourcing companies in UAE are more than needed. They are almost “mandatory” for any foreign company to legally operate in the United Arab Emirates.

According to Khaleej Times, a national newspaper specialized in economic matters, the UAE is the second-strongest financially country in Arab world’s emerging economies.

It is globally ranking up because of their efforts to strongly drive towards social reforms and their anchoring initiatives to enhance competitiveness with the rest of the world. For instance, we observe it as the world’s leading power in terms of the Oil Industry.

If you are interested in starting up a business with the Emirates, then we would suggest you reading the following information. It is related to all services, requirements and important details to take into consideration before start operating:

A brief introduction to the terms referred in the article

Now that we have offered you an appetizer of how important the economy in the UAE is for the rest of the world, you should also create a clearer image of the terms discussed in this article.

It is important that you understand the following key terms:

How could we define what payroll is?

We understand payroll as the number of a company’s employees and the amount of money, whether in the local or foreign currencies, they have to receive for performing different tasks within the organization.

There are several steps involved in payroll and they are performed by any of the following staff members:

  • The HR manager,
  • his/her assistant,
  • the human resources specialists

Payroll outsourcing usually involves, either manually or digitally, processing and gathering time records. How many hours have they totally worked within the given month/fortnight, week? Consequently, what’s the salary/wage that they will receive?

Another task that this workforce will complete is the benefits that employees will receive because of illness, maternity/paternity leave or their off period- holidays.

The meaning and purpose of outsourcing

Any self-created definition of outsourcing should include an outside supplier. It is actually sub-contracting a third party company that could grant you with services in any specific field.

Hiring outsourcing companies in the UAE would be just an example of the services offered by Connect Resources.

We are mastered in providing high quality human resources and information technology workforce in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

What kind of services are offered by Payroll outsourcing companies in UAE?

Connect Resouces is a licensed company which operates in the Middle East. We work in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India and Bahrain.

It is common to observe Payroll outsourcing companies in UAE who only work overseas, but our offices are located in Dubai and we will grant on-site solutions. We’ll make sure that both independent contractors and full-time or seasonal employees receive their salaries/money in a timely manner.

That is to say, you have to give us the end dates for payments. Any third-party involved company will receive the money according to your necessities.

Solutions developed by our HR Managers

Whether you need our employes to work directly at your offices, or remotely, Connect Resource’ HR managers will lead your company. Firstly, we require to know what’s the size of your company. How many employees do you hire per month?

We will determine the initial pay rate for those new employees and recalculate/update the salaries of the current ones if necessary.

There are many foreign inverstors working in the country and we have managed different accounts. For instance,

  • Lodging industry companies,
  • IT outsourcing businesses in Dubai,
  • Law firms,
  • National petroleum industries,

Filling paperwork is one of our highlights. Companies operating in UAE free zones must obtain a suitable operating licence and we will sign all documents on your behalf. Please take into account that the relevant free zone authorities will provide you with documents in order to enter into a lease. They require annual renewals.

How could you identify a great payroll outsourcing company in Dubai?

Two partners signing a contract with payroll outsourcing companies in the  UAE

Before hiring any payroll outsourcing companies in UAE you should investigate about their work. Read reviews on the internet, network with other organizations to hear their points of view and even ask local businesses.

These are the key points that we consider a great HR company should provide with:

  • Leadership roles. There must be good communication between the CEO and the different departments involved. Are there any detail-oriented section that requires more attention?
  • Talent seekers.  Those professionals working in the field should have an eye on hiring employees.
  • Religious or political views are not interesting. To us, it doesn’t matter if you believe in one God or another. It’s not important even if you don’t have one. What really matters to us is that you develop your work efficiently.

Regarding the services offered by our Tracked seasonal employees and independent contractors, and made sure they received accurate and timely payments for work completed.

How to establish a foreign company in the UAE Free zone?

You should know that it is possible to legally operate within Dubai free zone. Register your company with us in order to legally operate in the country. You must obtain a licence for a branch, also called a representative office.

The National Ministry of Economy and its local governing bodies requires an agreement with an United Arab Emirates alien, or with a company which is 100% run by a UAE citizen.

In order to start operating in Dubai local authorities will require you to belong to any of the following categories:

  • Single shareholder entity, only one person in charge of the company. In technical terms, these sort of businesses entitle as free zone establishments.
  • Free zone companies feature the other possibility. A maximum of 5 shareholders constitute them.

Traditionally, free zones set in or around major airports or seaports within the UAE. For example, the Jebel Ali or the Hamriyah Free Zones. You could also find payroll outsourcing companies in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi Airports.

Examples of tasks completed by payroll outsourcing companies in Dubai

Our team of experts have successfully managed business accounts from worldwide organizations, which are already operating thanks to our help in the UAE.

Above all, these companies need a local organization that helps them with their legal status within the country. Whether you are interested in operating in Dubai, Abu Dhabi (UAE) or any country within the Middle East, please contact us. We will be your connection in the Arab Emirates.

In addition, their expertise on the field will assist you with:

Tasks related with Payroll disbursements.

We master in offering competitive solutions at custom rates. That’s why we will help you determining each year periods’ bonuses, as well as calculating the amount that employees will receive because of overtime pay to include in payroll.

Similarly to what happens with other payroll outsourcing companies in Dubai, we do not only operate in the national currency, but we also offer services in American Dollars USD or Euro €, for example.

On-site and off-site solutions

We use different systems and software for payroll outsourcing activities. Selm-management is one possibility, although we will offer you the posibility to fully control them. It will all depend on your interests and needs. Furthermore, we could grant you direct access to control settings and implement any required actions.

A group of professional Human Resources managers, assistants and specialists will recommend you the most efficient systems in the global market.

Reporting errors

If you decided to self-manage the payroll accounts, we could still support you. Connect Resources will help you with the legal system in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Foreign investors may misunderstand official details and receive negative replies from local authorities.

We could create reports for tracking disbursement and other errors. Connect Resources does also develop different methods for resolving those issues and correcting them by the deadlines required.

Human Resources department coordination

Payroll outsourcing might be tough at points. Therefore, our HR managers could help you with all accounting activities and analyze your current strategy.

Have the procedures and policies in your company been studied accordingly with your business plan? You should let our group of experts renovate your best practices portfolio because we have been working in the country for over 5 years.

We are also aware of the job industry in Dubai, where foreigners may not see eye to eye with locals. There still exists cultural differences. Traditions in each country are not the same and we will supervise your business’ activities in Dubai. In case it’s needed, we are also here to resolve employee conflicts.


How many employees does your company hire at the moment? We have managed the accounts of organizations with over 700 employees and resolved their payroll solutions.

We know it requires time and effort to weekly/monthly your HR budget, but CR will offer you advice, supervision and a clear strategy to manage your workforce.

Image you have one worker in Dubai but you offices are in another country. What will happen? Does he/she need to report to you directly or could it be done through a third party company like ours?

What are the most frequently asked questions about payroll outsourcing companies in the UAE?

Similarly to what happens to many other people before starting a new business, there might be several questions that could pop into your head. For instance,

  • What is the legal status that my company needs in order to operate in the UAE?
  • Could I offer a salary to non-resident workers?
  • How are payments processed?

Let’s pay attention to common doubts,

What’s the cost for payroll outsourcing companies in Dubai (UAE)?

Our services are only offered to customers who have previously filled our submission form. We will ask you a few questions before offering you a quote.

  • What kind of service do you require?
  • How many workers does your company need to employ?
  • Will you require book-keeping services?

Please feel free to contact us to further discuss your current needs. We are mastered in tailoring our bespoke services.

Do you provide Human Resources services?

Yes, we do. Our specialists could advice you in the administration of policies and procedures or audit & assess activities to assure your companies’ compliance.

There also exist a diference in PEO vs. EOR. On one hand, our professional Employer Organization will provide HR strategies to support both the short-end and long-term business strategy.

On the other hand, our EOR refers to a third party entity located in the United Arab Emirates, either in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, that takes responsibility for all employees’ contracts. An international organization will lead these actions.

Our opinion about Payroll outsourcing companies in Dubai

Based on our thoughts and the experts on the field, the UAE has ranked second in the Arab world’s economies. The United Arab Emirates is among the top 20 financially-strongest emerging economies. It was The Economist‘s analysis which introduced this Middle East country, among other 66 markets.

The sovereign economic reserves provide a important role in its financial stability.

We focus our marketing plans on Western economies, as well as Eastern populations. Moreover, our financial department is interested in expanding our list of customers to organizations which are interested in starting making business in the UAE.

Connect Resources provides long-term residence visas and higher incentives for investors interested in opening a new branch in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Not only do the payroll outsourcing companies in Dubai like ours offer medical insurance for its employees, but great salaries too.

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