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TASC personnel contract consists of hiring in an agile and compatible way based on the SLA that makes it possible to acquire employees through hiring, deploying through the TASC visa. As one of the outsourcing companies in Abu Dhabi, TASC is responsible for managing the human resources department, payroll and other administrative activities.

Staffing services are assisted by a helpline that works 24/7 for hired workers that helps to quickly resolve any inconvenience that comes to hired staff.
In addition, it has the benefit of taking advantage of other contract alternatives that exist in the long term or for a shorter period.

There are also alternatives for short-term staffing, which involves providing contingency employees for a shorter interval of time.

Carrying out employees goes beyond providing the right professional, it is also necessary to ensure the selection and completion of the offer. It may be difficult for a worker to see the interaction between TASC and its employing company.

There may be great challenges, especially when professionals are newcomers to the country; and it is for this reason that one of the goals to be achieved has to do with facilitating the transition and giving the employee a smooth start through the induction process.

To manage the inclusion of new employees it is necessary to innovate. What will make this process easier, efficient and error-free. For this, modern points of view have been used, such as digitally signed offer letters, supervision through checklists.

This will allow the incorporation of many hired employees in the shortest possible time. Proof of this is that there is currently a record of incorporation of 100 workers from different countries in just 5 weeks.

Other services are provided with hired employees, such as: Transfers, migration and worker management. If the need is related to a managed alternative, it is advisable to document with human resources activities, subcontract recruitment processes and employment declaration model.

What are the challenges you overcome with outsourcing companies?

Outsourcing  companies are the way to optimize the industry.
Outsourcing companies are the way to optimize the industry.

1. Plan the transfer of your permanent workers to another agency or also migrate your contracted personnel.
2. Assignment of additional administrative tasks, if there is hiring of permanent employees.
3. The service levels of your incumbent worker agency.
4. Lack of transparent pricing structure with the signature of current employees.
5. Lack of control due to the many registered personnel agencies.
6. Discontent of the employees hired with your current outsourcing company.

Do outsourcing companies have experience in transfer and migrations?

Over the years, transfers and migrations have been made for several companies, sometimes reaffirming contracted employees from different agencies. Previously, more than 50 to 1,000 workers from different organizations were transferred, in an interval of 1 month and 6 months.

How is the migration and outsourcing transfer process carried out?

A group of 3 or 4 members well trained in labor law and inter-institutional transfers, is chosen to manage a transfer and migration process. This group is in charge of processing various things such as: passport validation, family retention situations, accredited certifications and making recommendations for additional courses if necessary.

In order to carry out the planning, the transfer group ensures proactive and timely communication with affected employees, which includes frequently asked questions, city councils, among others.

When the transfer plan and processing are completed, and taking into account that the change of visa status takes place within a period of three business days, the company can transfer in:
a) 33 business days in normal process, but excluding the change of status visa.
b) 20 business days in urgent process and excluding the change of visa status.

Employee benefits hired by the outsourcing company.

i. 24/7 helpdesk to resolve your queries and complaints.
ii. Frequent evaluations of their performance.
iii. Recommend incentives.
iv. Cancellation of wages in due time.

Complete management of employees.

It is included much more than managing talent, it goes beyond recruiting and incorporating in a common way the management of worker performance. Aiming to ensure that employees are assisted and committed to the company.

How is hiring and supporting workers by outsourcing companies?

Regardless of whether the worker received a hiring or a permanent position, he is provided with frequent guidance on certain values ​​such as: respect, reliability, agility, collaboration, innovation and quality.
Employees would receive 24/7 assistance with proper ISO certification. Employee self-service would be available to them to efficiently process all day-to-day activities.

Regarding the communication and commitment of employees, the following opportunities are provided:
ü CEO policy fully open, city council for three months, etc.
ü Surveys every six months to determine the degree of worker satisfaction.
ü Quarterly reports to keep staff up to date on what is going on in the company.
ü CSR operations organized quarterly.
ü Health checkup instantly.
  Annual events and family days.

UAE labor outsourcing companies.

They are responsible for providing operational field assistance and supervision, remote engineering, technical consultation and training services. They have the ability to deploy more than professional specialists in the Middle East and South Asia.
They supply skills and abilities in the oil and gas market, and help operators reduce expenses and gain flexibility of operations.

What benefits do labor outsourcing companies report in the UAE?

1. Flexibility: fully managed turnkey equipment in accordance with customer requirements.
2. Quality: technical products are of good quality, complying with health, safety and environmental regulations.
3. Experts: the working groups have sufficient preparation and experience for the role they will perform in the organization.
4. Efficiency: they have technology systems that guarantee efficiency throughout the delivery chain.
5. Optimization: groups of professionals that can be easily mobilized between client locations.
6. Profitable: Delivery system very efficiently designed to ensure remarkable cost benefits.

Integrated crew services.

• They guarantee good performance.
• It is fully compatible with the back office technical group.
• Receive regular training regarding an online learning management system.
• Rapid scale both up and down according to business requirements.
• Visas, certificates, field passes, among others, are fully managed.
• Costs are set according to the market with the best value at optimized costs.

What services do they offer?

a. They deploy teams of professionals at drilling sites, intervene wells and LSTK jobs.
b. Mobilize, manage and rotate trained professionals with minimal intervention from the clientele.
c. Oversees the workforce grounded in industry laws and customer standards.
d. It is backed by an external technical team that provides advice and suggestive action.
and. A team manages with full assistance in logistics, visas and others.
F. Complete management of HSE from induction responses in cases of emergencies and investigation.

Benefits reported to customers.

1) Supervisory staff supported by expert professionals who are controlled by clients.
2) Reduced resources will be allocated from the client’s operations team.
3) Total non-technical assistance such as: human resources, accounting, payroll, logistics and visas.
4) The most recent costs related to the market in order to benefit from variable prices.
5) Optimize the technical experience, expenses and project deadlines.

Features of the operations and maintenance service.

Install, monitor and manage equipment in the workplace.
ii. Fully manage projects that comply with current regulations.
iii. Creation, evaluation, mobilization, management and rotation in a simple and efficient way.
iv. Support from technical teams that advise, assist and suggest actions for their subsequent execution.
v. It is managed through a ground project team that has full support in logistics, visas, and others.
vi. Total management of HSE from the induction period to respond to emergency situations and investigate incidents.

What are the benefits for the client?

§ Experienced professionals with backup labor.
§ Equipment operatively controlled by clients.
§ It is optimally assigned the necessary means for operational management.
§ Decrease in time, effort, non-technical support expense (human resources, accounting, payroll, logistics and visas.
§ Current labor costs related to the market to obtain the benefits of variable expenses.
§ Optimize technical experience, costs and project planning.

Outsourcing companies in Abu Dhabi: Frequently Asked Questions.


Regarding terms of employment, these types of questions are often asked:

1) How long does the notification period involve?
When it comes to unlimited employment contract, both the employer and the employee can cancel the hiring 30 days in advance. But when talking about a limited contract, the employer or the employee can request to be notified 3 months before for the cancellation of the contract.

2) What is the policy for maternity leave?
Pursuant to Article 30 of the UAE Federal Labor Law, a working woman is entitled to her maternity leave with full pay for an interval of 45 days, which includes the time before and after childbirth. If and only if, your uninterrupted period of service with the employer is not less than one year. However, if the working woman has not yet finished this period, her maternity leave will be paid at 50%.

3) How many vacation days are you entitled to?
In accordance with the UAE Labor Law they would have 30 days per year.

4) What are working hours and how are they calculated?
The maximum number of hours established for an adult worker is 8 hours per day and 48 per week. Of course, these hours can increase to 9 hours per day when it comes to employees who work in shops, hotels, cafes and guards. Regarding overtime, they are determined according to labor law.

Regarding the bank account of the salary and the details of the transfer, the following questions are frequently asked:

  1. What is a salary transfer letter?
    It is a letter the employer addresses to the bank. It is a responsibility that the employer acquires with the bank that his salary will be deposited in the account assigned by the bank until the loan to the bank has been fully canceled.

2) What documents must be presented to deposit the salary in another bank account?
The IBAM number, the name of the bank and the bank document
that supports it are required.

3) At what point is my salary deposited into my account?
The salary will be deposited in the last work week of each month, that is, between the 28th and the 30th.

4) How long does it take to open a salary account at the bank?
The account will be opened in 10 business days from the receipt of the bank opening form.

As for the job card, the following questions are often asked:
1. How to renew the job card?
The following documents must first be provided:
• 10 passport photos with a white background.
• Copy of passport in transparent color (on both sides) with a minimum of 8 months validity.
• Copy of the academic certification (you must have a certificate if you did not complete 2 years in the previous company).
• The documents that cancel the contract, if you have them.
• An Emirates ID card.
• A copy of the visa that has been validated for at least one year.
• Copies of the sponsor’s passport and visa, either husband or father, validated for more than one year.
• NOC of the sponsor in Arabic language.

2) How will I notice that my job card has already been issued?
A copy of the job card will be sent to your personal email after the visa has been stamped.

3) When do I receive my work card?
the visa has been sealed.

4) Must new and separate documents be presented for the job card?
10 passport photos with a white background.
ü Copy of the passport in transparent color (on both sides) with a minimum validity of 8 months.
ü Copy of the academic certification.
ü The documents that cancel the contract, if you have them.
ü An Emirates ID.
ü A copy of the visa that has been validated for at least one year.
ü Copies of the sponsor’s passport and visa, either husband or father, validated for more than one year.
ü NOC of the sponsor in Arabic language

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