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Customers who want to hire personnel and manage payroll without initially setting up a branch office in Lebanon can use Connect Resources’ employer of record services. In compliance with local labor standards, your applicant is employed through our Lebanon PEO. Therefore, the candidate will obtain a position on your team and they will carry out your regional projects; exactly as if they were an employee of your business.

Customers may manage payroll in Lebanon with the help of our software and Global PEO service while we take care of the HR functions, tax, and compliancy management concerns. As a PEO expert, we handle employee expenses, legal and standard benefits, best practices for employment contracts, and termination when necessary. Also, we will inform you of any changes to Lebanon’s regional employment laws.

Hiring in Lebanon

The Middle Eastern country of Lebanon has a demographic of about 6.7 million people. Beirut, with a total population of 2.435 million, is Lebanon’s capital.

French is taught as a second language in 70% of Lebanon’s secondary schools, and an additional 15% of Lebanese are regarded as “partial francophones.” Comparatively, 30% of Lebanon’s secondary schools offer English as a second language. Around 20% of the population spoke French on a daily basis as of 2005, which is a legacy of France’s historical ties to the area.

Employment Contracts in Lebanon

Employment contracts in Lebanon can be written or verbal; however, it is really ideal to have a solid contract in Arabic. Subsequently, it must outline the terms of the employee’s pay, benefits, and termination obligations. Also, the salary and any other compensation amounts should always be specified in Lebanese pounds.

Working Hours in Lebanon

Lebanese employees are limited to 48 hours of work each week. For extra hours worked, overtime pay is 50% more. Companies can hire our excellent EOR services to assist them in adhering to this regulation.

Holidays in Lebanon

There are thirteen national holidays in Lebanon.

Vacations in Lebanon

After one year of work, employees obtain 15 days of annual leave pay per year.

Sick Leave in Lebanon

The following sick days are available to workers who have been with the same employer for more than the three-month period of probation:

  • From the 3rd to the 2nd year of employment, 100% of the pay is due for one half-month and 50% of the pay is due for another half-month.
  • 2 to four years of employment, 100% of the monthly salary is payable for the first month and 50% of the monthly income is payable for the following month.
  • From four to six years of employment, 100% of the monthly salary is payable for the first month and 50% of the monthly income is payable for the following month.
  • For employees with between six and ten years of service, the compensation is 100% for the first two months and 50% for the following two.
  • If you have more than ten years of service, you are liable to 100% of your salary for the first two and a half months and 50% for the final two and a half months.

Parental Leave in Lebanon

Presently, Lebanese legislation authorizes pregnant women to take no more than of ten weeks of personal leave with compensation. On the other hand, fathers can obtain no more than 3 days of leave.

Health Insurance in Lebanon

Most companies offer this benefit to their employees in Lebanon.

Supplementary Benefits in Lebanon

Employees can obtain 2 extra days of leave with pay in the case of a family member’s death.

Termination in Lebanon

Companies can terminate their employees’ contracts due to economical, technical, or force majeure situations; according to the labor law. Consequently, they need to provide a written notice of termination. In addition, employers must provide the employee with a clarification for the reason of termination. The notice period can go from one to four months depending of the years of service of the employee. Furthermore, companies need to provide severance pay, it can range between two months to a year’s worth of income.

Taxes in Lebanon

The VAT rate is 11% in the region.

Why choose us?

It takes time, money, and complexity to set up a subsidiary in Lebanon and hire a small crew. Strong worker safeguards are provided by Lebanese labor law, which requires particular care and familiarity with regional best practices. Expanding into Lebanon is simple and effortless with Connect Resources.

Without having to deal with the hassle of establishing a foreign branch office, we can assist you in hiring the candidate of your choice, deal with HR issues and payroll, and make sure you’re in compliance with national laws. You can relax and concentrate on running your business with the help of our Global Employer of Record and Lebanon PEO solution.

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