UAE labour law article 121

The UAE Labour Law is crucial for regulating employment in the private sector. Thus, it is important for employers and employees to follow it.One of the most challenging aspects of employment is related to uae labor law termination. In this regard, the UAE labour law article 121 is particularly useful.

Article 121 of the UAE labour law specifies the cases in which an employee can leave a job without having to comply with the notice period.

In the UAE, any of the parties may terminate an unlimited employment contract. This is specified in Article 117 uae labour law.

However, they have to comply with the notice period. But, in some special cases such as stated in Article 121 uae labour law 2022, it is not necessary to comply with it.

So, both staff members and employers must be aware of the exceptions stated in the UAE labor law article 121. And, proceed as per the termination law in UAE.

There are two specific cases the uae termination law specifies regarding employee resignation without notice period:

  1. When the employer fails to fulfil his or her obligations to the employee as stated in the employment contract or according to the UAE labour laws.
  2. The employer or the company’s legal representative commits an assault against the employee, according to uae labor.

As you can see, the employee is not obliged to comply with the notice period if he or she faces any of the scenarios of Article 121.

Therefore, termination uae labour law has to be done carefully. Employers have to be aware of when they cannot request the employee to comply with the notice period.

Similarly, the labour law in UAE also states cases in which the notice period is not necessary when the employer terminates the contract. So, UAE labour has to be an essential aspect of the HR team.

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