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Dubai is one of the most powerful cities in the world. It is not only known by its modern architecture and the luxury industry, but also because its work force. Consequently, what’s the best HR Consultancy in Dubai?

According to last 2019 census, almost 3.31 million inhabitants live in one of the most important cities within the United Arab Emirates.

Foreigners and locals alike search on the internet in a daily base aiming to find a new job. Although it will take time to find the right human resources required for a company, there exists the possibility to count with the services of an HR consultancy in Dubai to speed things up.

Today’s article will talk about the different processes involved in labor related questions with recruitment agencies in the UAE free zone, including Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

  • Definition and Meaning,
  • HRM Careers in Dubai,
  • Types of services offered,
  • Benefits of HR consultancy,
  • Best practices in the Human Resources departments.

1-. How could we define what is HR Consultancy?

It seems obvious that putting the cart before the horse isn’t what our customers are looking for. Consequently, let’s start with a clear and general definition of what HR Consultancy is.

In general terms, we define it as both the people who work for any given organization and the department in charge of managing the resources related to their employees.

Moreover, HR managers are in charge of developing and assessing different programs designed to increase the effectiveness of a company.

What does an HR consultant do?

The job description of HR consultancy in Dubai may include salaries, but Connect Resources leaves that part to the end. Here is a brief example of the duties, responsibilities and tasks of a human resources labourer:

  • Advice in the administration of policies and procedures,
  • Prepare reports to HR managers,
  • Audit and assess activities to assure the companies’ compliance,
  • Consult internally and request employees’ feedback,
  • Recommend solutions to specific problems

HR consultants working at recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi and many other worldwide cities must be competent in different industries. For instance, IT (Information Technology), accounting and sales, or marketing and finances.

2-. What kind of HR Consultancy does Connect Resources offer in Dubai city?

Whether you are looking to hire HR consultancy in Dubai for a small, medium or a large sized company, you just got to the right place.

We do not only provide specialists’ advice, but we also suggest different implementations in order to maximize your organization’s efficiency. You have to take into account that we always offer our counseling, but it will be your last decision the one which puts actions into effect.

Most importantly, we provide a valuable support when required. We are just a call away from solving all your HR problems. Connect resources could give advice to all sectors within the business world. We’ve got the solution you were looking for!

These are just a few examples of what we could offer your organization:

  • Provide HR strategies to support both the short-end and long-term business strategy.
  • Audit group’s goals and employee relations,
  • Manage payrolls, checks and any other human resources duties,
  • Support implementation when required.

How could you get in touch with one of the largest recruitment agencies in Dubai free zone?

There are different ways for you to contact us directly.

First method could be the fastest one, Whatsapp. Send us a message to +971 433 166 88 and we will reply instantly.

Second choice for our customer support would be to write an email to our specialists. Please do so at

Thirdly, message us on social media. Follow our official profiles in Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Last but not least, why don’t you visit us? Our offices are located in the number 804 of the City Tower 2. You’ll find Connect Resources next to Crown Plaza Hotel, Shaikh Zayed Road, Dubai

3-. HRM Careers in Dubai

Before we introduce you to Connect Resources’ different services, it should be necessary to create an index with the different roles assigned in our company, or any other specialist within the field.

We are experts in helping people from Spain, UK, Germany or Sweden to find a job in the Middle East.

Moreover, we observe how hundreds of foreigners are interested working at the UAE: English language teachers, economists, IT technicians… Economic conditions are one of the most important factors for them to move, either alone or with their families, to cities like Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Connect Resources counts with a large number of specialists who could help to identify the organizations’ needs and resolve potential problems:

3.1- Human Resources manager

First of all, let’s take a look at the head of the department, who is usually in charge of the rest of the employees.

His/her responsibilities include reviewing and approving budgets for any specific action, or implementing the new policies assigned in the company. It’s comprehensible that any new member of staff is required to align with the organization’s objectives, culture, and philosophy.

In other words, the HR manager maintains internal systems functioning. In order to become successful in your job position, this type of position requires at least 5 years of experience in a senior-like role.

3.2-. Employment services assistant

Secondly, imagine that your company offers the opportunity to its employees to benefit from daily lunch packages. Will all the workers receive this great help?

The EAP documents (employee assistance plan) will limit these opportunities before signing a contract with your new employer. It’s mandatory to carefully review what does your position in the organization includes or not.

Apart from that, the assistant controls that every single worker is healthy. He/she will send referrals for medical examinations, drug and alcohol free tests or any other required measure related to counseling.

3.3-. Training and development specialist

What is the first thing that any employee has to go through as he/she joins as a newbie in the company? Training, of course! Every single worker has to go through this step at first.

It could take days or even weeks before the employee starts developing tasks. Corporate programs are often offered to them as the new contract begins.

Another of the tasks developed by this staff member includes managing both online and on-site courses. The managers’ responsibilities will include among other duties:

  • Recording employees’ feedback,
  • Updating learning courses on Moodle or other platforms,
  • Assisting all through the training proccess.

3.4-. Recruiters, HR’s most visible area

Put yourself into the role of a recruiter; what would be the common questions that you would ask to your interviewees?

  • Why do you consider yourself as the perfect candidate for the job?
  • Could you share with us a difficult moment that you lived in your previous position? How did you manage to achieve the situation?
  • What do you know about HR consultancy in Dubai and why did you like our project?

Overall, recruiters are responsible for building a strong workforce within the company. They lead the staff’s efforts to grow the organization’s benefits year after year.

3.5-. Labor relations professional

Imagine that your organization’s employees stop working all of a sudden (without previous notice) because of the job conditions and salaries offered. What would happen then? Who would be responsible for that?

It is the job of a labor relation specialist to take care of it. Moreover, their knowledge and strong foundation in law, and handling with unfortunate situations like this, will restore the companies’ principles.

Either working in-house or home-based as freelancers, there also exists union forces to fight for your rights.

3.6-. Benefits counselor

Despite this position is also included in the recruitment agencies in Dubai free zone, it’s not common to observe their figure in companies smaller than 1,000 employees.

Due to the highly specialization of this profession, HR duties regarding compensations are usually developed by finance departments.

It should be interesting though to pay attention to the tasks that they usually run. Among others, we’d find:

  • Monitor compensation policies,
  • Assess the organization’s payments structure,
  • Ensure that pay checks comply with the HR consultancy in Dubai,

Which are the best practices for HR consultancy services in Dubai?

Now that we’ve introduced you to the basics in human resourcing, it should be interesting for you to pay attention to the best practices that we have observed while working for clients in the UAE.

We consider that the most beneficial practice would be maintaining a safe, happy and healthy workspace. Why is that so important? Just imagine if you work at a place where coworkers don’t talk or treat each other inappropriately. Would you like that? Of course you wouldn’t!

Second item on the list refers to bonuses. How many of you don’t like to receive an extra stipend for hard work and achieved goals? Companies usually pay those extras at the end of the year, usually by December.

Another key aspect is to share knowledge with your team. Why would you keep good practices for yourself if the whole group could benefit from your skills? There is a saying which could perfectly fit in the HR consultancy in Dubai, “sharing is caring”.

How do recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi achieve organizational goals?

Also: Recruitment agencies Dubai free zone

On one hand, it’s important that HR managers set clear objectives for each team member. On the other side, an opened management style could see great achievements. Employees who receive the permission to operate both individually and as part of a team, work more efficiently.

Furthermore, matching each member with a partner in the organization’s environment and structure could create a great impact in the workforce.

Connect resources does also understand the following methods as best practices. For instance, our experts team think that correct methodologies would include:

  • Provide a secure work place to to employees and managers,
  • Hire selectively your candidates choose the best ones for each role,
  • Manage effectively your team,
  • Compensation and bonus based on performance
  • Train your staff members until they are confident,
  • Promote equity in the company,
  • Make information available to everybody.

Is equity important while talking about HR consultancy in Dubai?

Yes, of course it is! Despite what many people could think in general terms about the United Arab Emirates, it’s very important for us to promote equity as a private company.

Connect Resources believes that all individuals should receive the same opportunities, no matter your gender. Whether you are talking about rights or salaries, there is no difference between men and women for us.

We actually hire in a 50/50 rate, but it will always depend on the clients’ needs. We are extremely careful about this matter in the XXI century.

To sum things up, our human resource information systems, also known as HRIS, could store employee data efficiently and promote equity between laborers.

You could count with our expertise on the field whether you are looking to hire interns, new staff members or use our HR departments to help your business grow. It will be a pleasure to start working with you! We’ll make sure that all your needs are met.

Our opinion about the weight of an HR Consultancy

Attracting people to work for any given organization is easy when employees are treated equally. If you then add good salary conditions, the best it’ll be!

If your brand counts with the right HR consultancy, things will go smoother by the time growth appears. Performance tools and human resources are they key elements to succeed! Aren’t they? What do you think?

If you enable staff members to promote, they would observe as they receive more responsibilities and importance within the company. Organizations within the United Arab Emirates are observed with relevancy in the Middle East and the rest of the world.

Managers who show employees how their personal ambition can align with the future of the company helps to engage and retain them for a long term. Do you think they will retire in your company if they are happy with what they do and the salary they receive? Of course they will do it!

Frequently asked questions

What are the solutions provided by Connect Resources in HR Consultancy?

If you’re a company looking for having assistance with your Human Capital, then you need to know how Connect Resources can help you achieve your maximum potential, and thus your business can grow.

There are many disciplines in which Connect Resources can assist you. Let’s observe:

  • Human capital strategy: with the help of our experts you’ll be able to define your corporate culture, so you can have a better organization design an define a solid strategy for your workforce.
  • Organizational change: you can start orienting your business towards your main goals by making all the necessary changes and restructuring in your company’s structure.
  • HR function: you can improve all the activities related to your HR department, so you can have better communication with your staff and they can trust you.
  • Talent management: do you need workers but you don’t have a good HR strategy? With Connect Resources you can have guidance in recruitment, retaining, and developing talent for your organization.
  • HR Technology: with Connect Resources you’ll have available all the best tools and systems used in the HR department that otherwise will be too expensive to acquire for your company.

How can your company benefit from HR Consultancy?

Perhaps you’re thinking that you don’t need to have assistance in the HR department and that it’s enough with having average workers doing these jobs for you, so you don’t consider contacting an HR Consulting firm.

But, you should know all the benefits that your company can gain if you decide to have the help of HR Consultancy, particularly if you’re a business that doesn’t have all the required resources to make a solid investment in the specialized staff and technology to have a great HR team.

Effective planning

With Connect Resources you’ll receive a complete analysis of your company so you can have a better understanding of your management needs. This way you’ll be able to maximize your business productivity by developing job descriptions for each employee an ensure great practices.

Policy development

If you don’t have a solid structure and don’t count on with an HR Manual, with Connect Resources you can define policies and procedures to have a better organization, and this is great because it can help you in future events and to standardize your work.

Learning and development

An HR Consultancy service can improve the performance of your workers and groups across departments to enhance productivity.

How to know if you need the help of an HR Consulting firm? 

If your company can’t handle all the factors that are related to creating and maintaining a workforce, then you need to consider to have the assistance of one of the HR Consulting firms like Connect Resources.

Some companies decide to contact one of the HR Consulting firms in Dubai because they need help in one of the following areas:

  • Improve the performance of the HR function
  • Assistance in human capital
  • Ensure sufficient expertise in the HR issues

With Connect Resources you’ll have many services that impact positively in your organization, especially if you don’t have a specialized HR team in your structure, this way you can focus on your main activities while they handle everything related to your workforce.

If you don’t know how to handle the aspects related to the HR department, then you need to contact an HR Consulting firm so you can have help in the following issues:

  • Hiring, managing, and firing process of your workers.
  • Compliance with the regulations
  • Compensation and benefits program for your workers
  • Payroll management
  • Handling tax issues
  • Long-term strategies in HR challenges

Keep in mind that your workforce is the most important part of your business, and they can help you enhance your productivity, so you need to pay special attention to it.


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