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In UAE there are Healthcare Recruitment companies that have extensive experience in managing health care projects for new medical companies that provide care in Abu Dhabi, who are experts in finding high-level subspecialty doctors with certification from the Board and training for scholarships at international and local level for hospitals, clinics and medical services, university centers in UAE and throughout the Middle East.

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They excel in recruiting DHA, HAAD, DHCC, and MOH licensed physicians and associated healthcare professionals. They are also trained to hire leaders in all sectors for hospitals, clinics, SMEs and large corporations in UAE and the Middle East.

The word “we” is very important since it works as a team with hospitals, medical centers, SMEs and larger corporations that search, interview, evaluate, recommend and recruit the best doctors and leaders to meet the needs of the clientele. The purpose will always be the same: to focus on customers achieving success.

Due to the vast experience in Healthcare Recruitment throughout the UAE, different positive opinions can be collected from the same health professionals.
• There are guarantees that doctors will get a very clear picture of the entire Healthcare Recruitment process and speed up the interview processes and have a lot of patience and understanding when managing between busy doctors and clients.
• It can also be said that they have a good understanding of the health industry and its requirements. Consultants always keep doctors up-to-date with progress and feedback during Healthcare Recruitment and the DHA licensing process.
• The services they provide have been highly recommended for any health professional who wants to make a career change or for any hospital that is looking for competent doctors.

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How is health project management related to Healthcare Recruitment?

The comprehensive solution of health management projects is one of the notable areas that these companies have in UAE. They work for investors, private companies or experienced health professionals who want to be part of the constantly growing medical industry that encompasses local regions, including medical tourism internationally.

Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi are properly established and speeding in the right direction and cementing themselves as reliable medical tourist spots.
They are attracting many people from all over the world to their cities and they are managing to dominate the tourism industry internationally, managing to combine quality of life, excellent educational institutions, beautiful places to entertain themselves, great tourist attractions, environment with cultural variety, very safe society and excellent infrastructure and connectivity.

In addition, modern health buildings with beautiful interiors and medical equipment with the latest technology are being built worldwide.
This enables Dubai and Abu Dhabi to be pioneers in attracting international healthcare professionals and doctors. These doctors and surgeons have with them a great wealth of knowledge and experience that they have been accumulating through the practice of international medicine.
Many clients who have been assisted recommend modern ways of providing medical care services in different specialties and subspecialties for the locality that must attend to an increasing number of medical tourists residing in the area.

Those with the goal of establishing a hospital, medical center or clinic in Dubai or Abu Dhabi can get comprehensive advice covering feasibility studies, business planning with profitability analysis from health care project management consultants. sourcing with different locations, building plans, DHA and HAAD compliant hospital and clinic design, recruiting, planning corporate business and transfers.

Consultants in planning and managing health.

Clients include several of the area’s largest JCIA private hospitals. The services they provide are strategic consulting, optimizing business systems that involve JCI certification, CAP laboratory certification, ISO 9001, transforming sick units, implementing HMIS, developing SOP of medical facilities, rates, policies, consulting for biomedical equipment, design services and building healthcare facilities, project management advice, and IT consulting services to obtain healthcare systems.

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Health Recruitment.

The clientele is aware that we have the largest medical recruitment and healthcare companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai that provide services to recruit doctors for both hospitals and medical centers.

How important are the medical license, DHA license and HAAD ?

Doctors seeking employment in UAE need to obtain a corresponding health authority license from the emirate where they want to work. DHA or Dubai Health Authority in Dubai. HAAD or Health Authority of Abu Dhabi in Abu Dhabi, DHCC for Dubai Healthcare City and MOH in Sharjah and the other Emirates.

So surgeons and physicians seeking advice on starting and filling out DHA / HAAD licenses and HAAD test information can contact the respective companies via email who will be happy to assist you.

Similarly, physicians and surgeons who want advice to start and fill out DHA licenses, HAAD licenses, MOH licenses or the DHCC licensing process by email can contact the competent people who will be happy to assist you.

Nursing Recruitment agencies in UAE.

Due to the boom in the number of hospitals, medical clinics and polyclinics in the region, especially in and around Abu Dhabi and Dubai, there is a significant demand for the recruitment of licensed nurses in the UAE.

The number of job vacancies for nurses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is increasing and competent and licensed nurses are being recruited for clients within the expected time frames, which are a law in this fast-paced health field.

Consultants who recruit nurses attend hospitals or medical centers that try to recruit at least 10 nurses or perhaps more.
The consultants also collaborate with the complete logistics of travel alternatives for recruitment, documentation, on-site coordination, Skype interviews, according to the client’s requirements.

On the other hand, the wide recruitment of nurses for Dubai and Abu Dhabi from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, also recruiting DHA, MOH and HAAD licensed nurses who are currently working in UAE and looking for new opportunities in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Ajman and Umm Al Quain.

Hospitals that recruit general nurses and subspecialty nurses consider the services provided to them to be of great value, efficient and speedy. It can be said that these are the virtues that consultants have in order to guarantee that customer service is truly satisfactory.


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Health Recruitment consulting.

Organization of a new hospital or clinic.

The following services are provided to strategically advise:
1. Investigate the field of medical care
2. Appropriate diligence.
3. Carry out technological and commercial viability analysis.
4. Specific project reports.
5. Formulate and validate business plans.
6. Assistance in making transactions.
7. Preparation to innovate.
8. Enter the market and provide strategies to optimize.

Services to design health.

1. Program and plan health centers.
2. Plan the campus.
3. The turnkey design.
4. Architecture design.
5. Room data documents and equipment plans.
6. Design the structure.
7. MEP design
8. Design the interior and exterior part.
9. The signaling part
10. Carry out infrastructure audits.
11. Inspect the design of the facilities.

Clinic restructuring and takeover.


Optimization of the business aspect.
• Audits of the evaluation of organizations.
• Restructure the manage part.
• Certification (JCI, CAP, ISO 9001)
• Execute standard operating procedures, policies, rates, and others.
• Establish the hospital information management system.

Operational assistance.

• Put sanitary facilities into operation.
• Transform the sick unit.
• Provide signs of trust

Public health.

• Certification
• Research analysis and review.
• Models for PPP
• Assistance for transactions
• Execute the action plan
• Evaluate health programs
• Audit the infrastructures and inspect the design of the facilities.

IT consulting in the health sector.

• Acquire health systems.
• Evaluate the organization and analyze the existing gaps.
• Manage IT projects.
• Update all systems in operation.
• Manage the technology that is working.

Biomedical equipment consulting.

Technology planning.

• Budget for teams to assess needs.
• Plan services before installation.
• Coordinate delivery
• Supervise how the equipment is installed
• Audit inventories.
• Check the infrastructure.
• Integrate with IT / PAC
• Lead the procurement

Health project services.

• Consulting to manage projects.
• Projects to coordinate.
• Process tenders
• Document the projects.
• Manage the construction processes.
• Certify invoices.
• Deliver the projects.
• Coordinate together with the architect and builder.
• Get organized with the contractor and the client.
• Prepare the master schedule.
• Plan the logistics part.
• Issue frequent plans regarding corrective actions.
• Verify invoices.

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