Visa Stamping Kuwait 2024: Visa, Employment & Medical

Kuwait is a country rich in culture and oil. This is why many visitors and workers enter the country every year. You have to know that to enter and stay in this country, you need a valid visa, which must be stamped by the country’s authorities before traveling. Visa stamping Kuwait is a mandatory process that certifies the authenticity of the visa. In addition, it allows the bearer to enter the country without inconvenience or problems.

In this guide, we will explain how visa stamping Kuwait works. In principle, you will see the requirements that you must meet, the documents that you must present, and where and how you must do it. In addition, you will see its price and the time it takes to deliver the Kuwait stamping visa. This way, you can adequately prepare for your trip to Kuwait and avoid any delays or inconveniences during entry.

Kuwait visa stamping in India 2023

Visa stamping Kuwait

Many people from different parts of the world regularly enter and leave Kuwait at various times of the year. In order to achieve this, they need Kuwait visa stamping services. Visa stamping Kuwait is a government consent provided by the government to enter the country. This can be for different reasons.

The Kuwait visa stamping is the demonstration in which the visa acquires international identification. As with the photocopy of the passport. Furthermore, once you get the visa, you have to carry out an important method of Kuwait visa stamping. You have to know this is one of the most important procedures that people must carry out when they are going to obtain a work visa.

It is important to note that the Kuwait visa stamping process is the last procedure to complete the documents. Kuwait visa stamping is done after finding a new job in the country. Additionally, the person moving to Kuwait on a work visa needs to validate their degree documents. Once you obtain the Kuwait visa you have to carry out this process.

The visa they provide you contains a stamp inside the passport; This procedure is known as visa stamping Kuwait. It is important to know that the stamping of the Kuwait visa is essential to be able to enter the country. In addition, it is important to know that the e stamp Kuwait currently exists.

On the other hand, applicants from India who wish to visit Kuwait on any of the entry visas have to stamp their visa. For this, they have to go to the Kuwaiti consulate or embassy in India. However, authorized accredited travel agencies can carry out the visa stamping process for Kuwait. Agencies obtain this authorization from the Indian embassy or consulate.

Kuwait visa stamping in India requirements

Next, you will see some of the documents required to apply for visa stamping Kuwait in and India.

  • Original passport of the applicant for at least six months.
  • Beneficiary’s original visa.
  • Two passport-size photographs of the applicant with a white background.
  • Police authorization certification. You can only obtain this document at the passport office.
  • Original medical certificate from a GAMCA approval clinic. That is, Medical Centers approved by the Gulf Health Council.
  • Valid vaccination certificate. This document is only for New Delhi.

It is important to be sure to check with your travel agency about the details of any additional documents that may be required.

By presenting all these documents, the visa stamping Kuwait procedure is much simpler. In summary, stamping the visa is placing a stamp on the passport. Every individual wishing to enter the country must have a Kuwait visa stamp. Additionally, people moving to the country on a visitor visa must obtain the stamp at the Kuwait International Embassy.

Individuals heading to Kuwait with a visitor visa, in principle, have to go to the embassy. At the Kuwait embassy, you will be in charge of accrediting your PCC to travel to the nation. Visa stamping Kuwait is mandatory for all people moving to the country with a residence visa. Generally people obtain a residence visa to work in the country. Thanks to the visa stamping Kuwait, people are encouraged to go to the nation effectively.

What is the procedure for Kuwait visa stamping in India?

Generally, travel agencies authorized by the Kuwait embassy and consulate in India process the visa stamping procedure. That is, they can carry out visa stamping Kuwait in India on behalf of the embassy and consulate. Applicants have to follow the following procedure to apply for Kuwait visa stamping in India.

First step: Ensure you obtain a valid entry visa to enter Kuwait.

Second step: Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate from the Regional Passport Office (RPO) or PCC. You can also get Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) only. It is important to keep in mind that the PCC issued by the police station will not be valid.

Third step: Once you receive the PCC, you have to visit the medical center with the approval of the GAMCA. It is also valid to visit a Center with the authorization of the Kuwait embassy in India. This is in order to receive the medical test.

Fourth step: Upon receiving a FIT certificate from the medical center, you have to visit the nearest Kuwait embassy. Or on the contrary, you can visit one of the travel agencies authorized by the consulate in India. There you will be able to carry out the visa stamping Kuwait procedure

It is important to keep in mind that children are exempt from some requirements. Among them, are the PCC and the medical certificate. However, they must have a vaccination certificate through the Medical Center.

Where can I get my Kuwait visa stamping in India processed?

Generally, travel agencies with the authorization of the Kuwaiti consulate and embassy in India take care of this procedure. That is, they carry out the visa stamping in Kuwait procedure on behalf of the official entities in India.

You have to make sure you find a travel agency with a very good reputation. It is important that you do the visa-sealing procedure with an agency that provides security and trust.

Kuwait visa stamping in India processing time

The Kuwait visa process time or the processing time for visa stamping in Kuwait will depend on many factors. In particular, from the travel agency with which you are carrying out the visa stamping. However, most travel agencies take the same processing time. This takes approximately 10 to 20 days to process the Kuwait visa stamping procedure in India.

Kuwait visa stamping in India price

Visa stamping Kuwait

The price of Kuwait visa stamping in India will depend on the type of visa being stamped. Furthermore, the price depends on another factor which is the travel agency through which the Kuwait visa is stamped. Generally, the price ranges between KWD 49 (INR 13,000) and KWD 56 (INR 15,000).

It is important to be sure to check with your specific travel agency about the price of the particular visa stamp.

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