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Qatar is one of the leading countries in the Middle East since it offers many opportunities to investors. It is considered one of the fastest-growing countries in the world, due to its flourishing economy. Its petroleum and natural gas reserves make it the perfect place to conduct business. Therefore, if you want to expand your operations to this country you have to do Qatar recruiting & hiring for your company.

In this regard, Qatar recruiting & hiring is a crucial aspect of your expansion strategy. You have to determine how you can find the right people for your vacancies.

Nevertheless, the hiring process is always complicated, and in a foreign country, it can be even more difficult. To do Qatar hire employees you need to learn about different topics to remain compliant.

Instead of learning how to do employee recruitment in Qatar on your own, it is preferable to contact a service provider to help you solve your issues.

Recruiting in Qatar

Your recruitment process involves learning about cultural norms, compliance laws, employment laws, and much more. Furthermore, you also have to take into consideration the logistics behind Qatar recruiting & hiring. This relates to evaluating which channels you are going to use for sourcing talent.

On the other hand, you also have to take into account the legal responsibilities you will have as an employer in Qatar. Keep in mind that once you do Qatar hiring people you start having liabilities in the country.

However, many foreign professionals are looking for a job in Qatar, since they want to improve their quality of life. Thus, it will not be challenging to look for candidates. The issue will be to find high-quality applicants.

To do the Qatar recruitment hiring you can use local newspapers to promote your company’s open positions. In addition, you can rely on online local websites or news sites that can help you advertise your business. This way you can attract more people interested in working for you, establishing your Qatar recruiting & hiring process.

Laws against discrimination in Qatar

When it comes to Qatar recruiting & hiring services, it is important to follow the local guidelines to stay in compliance. One of the most important is the law against discrimination. Employers around the world are trying to be more inclusive regarding their workforces, and Qatar is no exception.

If you are going to carry out the recruitment process you have to define the role carefully. You have to state the skills and qualifications desired, but you have to evaluate all candidates equally. Therefore, your team cannot discriminate against candidates based on the following:

  • Language
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Religion

Although Qatar does not have an extensive law related to employment, its Constitution clearly states that discrimination is totally not accepted. In this regard, it is important to protect your business. You do not want to be seen as an employer that discriminates against its candidates.

But, how can you avoid facing this kind of issue? You have to instruct your recruitment team to not ask questions based on discriminatory traits. For example, do not ask a candidate about his or her religion, as this may seem suspicious. If the candidate does not get hired, they may state that it was due to that kind of question.

As you can see, it is a very sensitive topic. So, to carry out successful recruitment, you have to avoid these types of situations. Moreover, they cannot be a factor that influences your hiring decisions. Your hiring has to be impartial regarding gender, race, language, and religion.

In this regard, global PEO companies can be helpful. A global PEO knows how to handle hiring effectively. An experienced team is going to ask the right questions related to the job position, and avoid asking any uncomfortable questions that may have a discriminatory undertone.

How to do the hiring in Qatar

Hiring employees in Qatar is not complicated. This country has a large number of foreign individuals that are looking for a job. Similarly, if you would like to relocate an employee, you can be his or her sponsor.

A candidate will need to have a work permit in order to be eligible to work for a company. If the candidate is a foreign professional, they need to get a visa too. Partners can become sponsors for an employee, but it is important to provide all the information about the candidate to obtain the Qatar visa.

Furthermore, as an employer, you can choose to sponsor the employee’s work permit and residency permit, and also sponsor the employee’s family’s visas too. This is applicable when the employee has a spouse and children. Hiring services also take care of this matter.

There are two main ways in which you can hire employees in Qatar:

  • In-house hiring: you can establish a company in Qatar and carry out the hiring with your internal HR team. This means you will have to do the job advertisement, look for candidates, carry out the background screening, and much more. It is a long and tedious process, therefore you have to do it seamlessly. Otherwise, you may be at risk of a bad hire.
  • Outsourcing recruitment: with a recruitment global provider you can get employees for your operations in Qatar with less effort. The agency will take care of sourcing, screening, hiring, interviewing, and onboarding your employees.

The hiring process in Qatar

The hiring process in Qatar involves several steps. First of all, you need to advertise the open position. If you want to hire foreign professionals you have to register a business entity and apply to the Ministry of Interior so you can sponsor your employees.

In case you are hiring a foreign individual, he or she must have a valid visa and work permit. As an employer, you can sponsor your employees so they can receive these documents. You will have to submit an application stating the nationality of your foreign employees and job positions.

Once you have carried out the screening, you have to continue with the interviews. After you have selected the candidate, you have to provide a job offer and a hiring contract. And then, you will have to carry out the onboarding process.

Employment Law in Qatar

Hiring in Qatar involves having extensive knowledge of the local laws. If you are a foreign company, its culture may be very different from yours, particularly if you are from the West.

Several factors will help you have a better understanding of how to hire employees. First of all, Arabic is the official language of the country, but many foreign and local professionals speak English, and this language is widely spoken in the country. However, it is advisable to look for a translator for the hiring process.

If you are planning on hiring foreign employees, you need to instruct them about the local business culture. This will help them fit better within the company and location.

Furthermore, as an employer, you need to know that Qatar has many laws aimed to protect employees’ rights. Some of the most important are the following:

  • 40 hours a week is the maximum work hours. Employees can work eight hours a day, five days a week. Employees can work overtime but they must receive overtime pay.
  • Overtime cannot exceed two hours a day. The rate of pay is at least 125% of standard pay.
  • During Ramadan, working hours reduce to 36 hours a week.
  • The typical rest day during the week is Friday
  • Employees should have at least 24 hours of rest per week.
  • You have to pay End of Service Benefit if you incur in termination of an employee without a cause.
  • Health insurance is mandatory for foreign employees by the employer.
  • Employees are entitled to a three-week paid leave (under 5 years of employment) and four-week paid leave (more than five years of continuous employment).

In addition, the employment law in Qatar has an emphasis on employment contracts. Therefore, you need to know how to provide a compliant contract to your global employees.

Employment contracts in Qatar

There are several rules you should follow regarding employment contracts with your hiring and recruitment:

  • Contracts must be written in Arabic, which is the local language.
  • It has to include the nature of work, type of work, place of work, date of start, duration, and compensation.
  • It also has to include benefits, entitlement terms, termination, and any other important information.
  • Salary, compensation, and bonus should be in Qatari riyal, and not in another currency.

As a foreign employer, it is possible to be confused about employment contracts. With employment outsourcing, the agency takes care of this crucial matter. This is with the aim decrease the likelihood of errors.

Onboarding employees in Qatar

Onboarding is an essential part of Qatar’s recruiting & hiring workers. After the company has selected the top candidates to fill the positions, it is important to ensure a smooth onboarding to decrease the turnover rate.

If the employee does not have a smooth transition to Qatar or a smooth entry into the company, it can affect his or her performance. Which will affect his or her duration in the company.

Furthermore, you need to carry out the onboarding in compliance with the country’s law. However, there is not a single way to do the onboarding. There are a series of bits of advice you can follow to ensure a seamless onboarding:

  • Companies recruiting foreign employees should provide cultural training so they do not face a cultural shock when they arrive in the country.
  • It is best to do the onboarding for several employees at the same time. This will help them bond and will allow you to save time.
  • It is advisable to provide job training based on the employee’s position. This will help them to be prepared regarding their tasks and duties
  • Review all employee documentation to ensure nothing is missing and there are no mistakes.
  • Introduce the new employees to older employees and create events to get them to know each other.
  • Provide an introduction to your employees like a presentation, where you explain the most important aspects of the company. Explain the vision, mission, objectives, and more.

Benefits of hiring and recruitment outsourcing in Qatar

Hiring employees in Qatar can be very complex. If you have not done global hiring, and you are a foreign employer, you may face challenges. In this regard, outsourcing hiring and recruitment may be your perfect option.

By working with specialists in hiring and recruitment you can get additional support that will ensure success. This way you can ensure a satisfactory result while you focus on your expansion and other core activities.

Therefore, some of the benefits of outsourcing are the following:

  • Relieve the burden of hiring in Qatar from your HR team
  • Ensure a smooth onboarding of local and foreign employees
  • Get assistance with employment contracts and negotiations
  • Fill your open positions effectively and in less time
  • Decrease the risk of a bad hire
  • Get access to a vast talent pool and a network of qualified talent
  • Select the talent that better matches the position in terms of skills and regarding your company’s culture.
  • Ensure total compliance with local laws
  • Have a team of specialists doing the entire recruitment lifecycle on your behalf
  • The possibility you plan your recruitment strategy and advance to fill your vacancies strategically
  • Get assistance with immigration procedures such as obtaining visas and work permits

You can put all your effort into establishing your business in Qatar while a third-party provider delivers top talent to boost your company.

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