Lebanon Work Visa 2024: How To Apply and Visa Requirements

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Having foreign employees in Lebanon requires you as an employer to obtain everything they need to ensure legal status. This means that you have to get a Lebanon work visa and permits so they can carry out their jobs without any issues.

Handling the job visa for Lebanon, work permits, and more can be difficult if you are not familiar with the country’s legislation. For this reason, you need to learn everything you can to ensure an outstanding outcome.

Here at Connect Resources, we can guide you with everything you may need about the employment visa in Lebanon. Forget about having to face compliance issues because we will get you covered.

Types of Work Visas in Lebanon

Individuals that want to enter Lebanon can choose from the variety of visas the country offers:

Tourism visa:

Valid for one month, and individuals can apply for it upon arrival. The tourist visa is renewable for two more months.

Collective visa:

If you travel to Lebanon in a group, you can apply for a collective visa. Groups of travelers of at least eight people can obtain a group tourist visa.

Residency visa:

This is granted to students, employees, and individuals married to Lebanese citizens. However, people can pay a large sum for a temporary residency visa, which will be valid for a year, or for a permanent visa valid for three years.

Work visa:

The work Lebanon visa is for foreign individuals that have landed a job in the country. The Lebanon work visa for employees has to be obtained by the employer. There is no Lebanon work visa open date.

Student visa:

individuals that study a Lebanon University can obtain a student visa, which will have a one-year validity.

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Lebanon Work Visa Requirements

To obtain an employment visa Lebanon, the individual has to comply with a few requirements. However, it is important to note that depending on the job, the employer may be required to provide additional documentation.

If you are planning to hire a foreign professional, you need to submit proof that you were not able to find a Lebanese that could carry out that said job.

This is in accordance with the law. Nevertheless, this is sometimes not required. So, by just submitting your employees’ documents in order you are able to get the Lebanon job visa.

Here are the most common documents you need to submit for your Lebanon work visa on passport:

  • Applicant’s passport (with at least a three-month validity)
  • Applicant’s residency cards (copy)
  • Appointment letter
  • Fee payment
  • 2 Passport-size photographs
  • Bank statement
  • Travel Insurance
  • Travel reservations
  • Applicant’s original birth certificate

It is worth mentioning that the Authority may request more documents if they considered it necessary.

How to apply for a work visa in Lebanon

Hiring employees in Lebanon can be challenging, but if they are foreign professionals it can be even harder. Once you have interviewed and selected your potential candidates, it is time to provide a job offer.

After that, you have to start the process to apply for a work visa. As an employer, you need to apply for a job visa in Lebanon on your employees’ behalf, as this is what the law states. You have to carry out the process through the Lebanese General Security.

Also, you need to obtain pre-approval from the Ministry of Labor. But, this is only required when you are requested to submit proof about why you did not hire a local first.

Once you have applied for the work permit, they can start the process to obtain a residency visa. You can check the Lebanon work visa status before determining if they are able to apply for residency.

With the residency visa, your employees are able to stay in the country for a year. And, they can also extend the application to their spouse and children. But, it is essential to note that your employee’s spouse cannot work under a residency visa.

In relation to the processing time, it is the same for everyone. It takes about 10 working days to get the visa. Thus, the Lebanon work visa processing time for Indian would be the same.

Considerations about Lebanon Work Visa

The Lebanon employment visa is very sought after by professionals looking to improve their quality of life in the Middle East. So, whenever you hire an expatriate, you have to ensure the person understands several aspects, such as the Lebanon work visa open or not and more.

Also, you have to consider that your new hires must arrive in the country to continue the process of obtaining a job visa for Lebanon.

If an individual arrives in Lebanon before landing a job, he or she must carry out a different process. For example, they have to provide documentation stating why they are visiting the country, how much time they are going to stay, submit proof of their financial stability and more.

In this case, the work visa would be valid for a month and they can renew it once.

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