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Are you a worker and are you having labor court Qatar problems with your employer? Has your employer cancelled your agreement in an unjust or unjustified manner? Has your boss been holding off on paying you? Is your present boss refusing to let you work for another company? Whatever the case, there is an answer, and we can explain to you where and how to file a labor court Qatar complaint.

Qatar labour court Qatar court complaint in person

Labour court Qatar

To file a court Qatar complaint in person, an employee may go to the Ministry of labour court Qatar office at Al Khor (reserved for males), Industrial Area (reserved for men), or Al Huda Tower (reserved for women). When filing a complaint, proof of infractions and maltreatment is necessary.

  • The office is open from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm on Sunday through Thursday at Al Khor and Industrial Area.
  • The Al Huda Tower office is open from 7 am to 2 pm on Sunday through Thursday.

Labour court Qatar court Qatar complaint via SMS

Modern solutions are needed for modern issues. Since it has a hotline, Qatar’s ministry of labour court Qatar industrial area allows to send a text message with the complaint.

The employee has the option to select from a variety of languages on the hotline, which is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The procedure is quick and easy. To send a labour court Qatar complaint through SMS, the employee must follow these procedures:

  • Open the SMS app.
  • Type 5.
  • Type your ID or visa number.
  • Send the SMS to ministry of labour court qatar Qatar helpline number 92727.

The complaint remains anonymous even if the process requires you to submit another contact your details through SMS. The Minister of Administrative Development, labour court qatar, and Social Affairs (MADLSA Qatar), which is the only party with access to your complaint, receives the file directly.

Labour court qatar complaint through Unified Platform

MADLSA, which debuted its new online platform in the middle of this year, 2021, offers a contemporary method of making a complaint. The procedure for filing a labour court qatar dispute on the ADLSA Complaints Portal is as follows:

  • Go to the ADLSA portal.
  • Do the ADLSA login.
  • Click “request OTP.”
  • Enter the OTP.
  • Proceed.

Employing your National Authentication System (NAS) login information, including your username and password, is another option to access the database and retrieve your personal information. You are taken to an identical page no matter which path you take.

Your request will be reviewed by the department where you either made a complaint or amended your information, and they will advise you of the following steps through an SMS or email. This phase of filing a complaint as a third-party participant is also crucial.

Labour court qatar complaint through Amerni Qatar app

The Qatari government is making increasingly significant efforts to put together a crucial application “Amerni Qatar” that offers support in 33 languages. The steps to file the complaint are:

  • Download the app.
  • Login using TAWTHEEQ credentials.
  • Complete app setup.
  • Click “submit labour court qatar complaint.”
  • Select your language.
  • Enter labour court qatar count Qatar complaint.

MADLSA hotline complaint

The workers have the option to call the MADLSA at 16008 to voice a complaint. Call 40280660 to report breaches involving the working environment and improper resource allocation.

Email complaint MADLSA

A worker also has the option of emailing the Ministry directly at, which is the address set aside just for labour court Qatar issues.

MADLSA kiosk complaint

The MADLSA Kiosks, which are present all throughout Qatar, were one of the most useful methods for filing a labour court qatar complaint in the real world. These include up to ten other languages. Also, your information goes out anonymously.

But the conflict will not be resolved just yet. You take a duplicate of the information you put forward. This will direct you to the labour court qatar affairs department, where your disagreement will be fully handled and resolved, after submitting your complaint and using a straightforward form that would require just three simple steps.

Ministry website labour court qatar court Qatar complaint

The MADLSA site contact form is the final crucial method in this area. It helps the employees and others who wish to lodge a complaint. The steps are:

  • Enter the MOL website.
  • Select “complaint.”
  • Enter your details.
  • Click “submit.”

NHRC labour court qatar court Qatar complaint

Labour court Qatar

The National Human Right Committee (NHRC) is a different organization through which the government makes it possible to lodge a labour court qatar complaint. Although comparable to MADLSA, the NHRC was formed to safeguard the rights of all people subject to Qatari state authority, including residents, citizens, and transit travelers. If they believe their liberties have been violated, they can complain directly to the NHRC.

Labour court qatar complaint through website

  • Go to NHRC site.
  • Enter the complaint page.
  • Register your user.
  • Enter your details.
  • Login and submit the form.

Labour court qatar complaint through fax or email

  • NHRC SMS: 119
  • NHRC Qatar Labour court qatar complaint number: 00974 44048844
  • Fax: 00974 44444013
  • NHRC email:

To submit an email or fax complaint, you must:

  • Download complaint form.
  • Print a copy.
  • Fill the form.
  • Attach a copy of your visa, passport, and ID card.
  • Send your complaint.

Labour court qatar court Qatar in person

Workers will be able to visit the National Human Rights Commission’s office in the same way that they can visit the offices of the MADLSA. There, they will be able to speak with staff members directly, submit their complaint form, copies of any supporting documents, and any additional evidence of their choosing.

Behind the Doha Petrol Station in Fereej Abdulaziz, at the Nasser Bin Khalid Intersection, is where you will find the NHRC office. The Otabi Tower houses the office.

How to check the Labour court qatar court Qatar complaint?

You can check the state of your request on the MADLSA website or by using the Amerni smartphone app after submitting a complaint and receiving a reference number.

Via website:

  • Go to MADLSA website.
  • Visit complaint status.
  • Enter the company registration number.
  • Enter complaint number.
  • Select the year.
  • Hit “submit.”

Via Amerni app:

  • Open the app.
  • Login.
  • Select “individual.”
  • Click “labour court qatar complaint follow up.”
  • Select year.
  • Follow the instructions.

Dispute settlement committees

The Qatari government established the labour court qatar Dispute Settlement Committees to increase the workers’ right to justice. When a conflict arises, both the employees and the employers must first present and submit a complaint with the MADLSA.

The department will take necessary steps to ensure that the problem solves itself right away. Also, the investigation of the disagreement does not take more than seven days. It will not take over three (3) weeks for the labour court qatar Dispute Settlement body to deliver a judgement with prompt enforcement if you file your complaint directly to them. This particular body will arbitrate all conflicts.

Since they meet frequently with the MADLSA, the workers’ representatives would even be able to bring up the problems of their clients if they were there. These authorities make sure that the labour court qatar law Qatar remains valid.

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