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Planning your expansion to Kuwait involves dealing with several aspects. Whether you want to establish a subsidiary, or if you are planning to use an EOR service like ours, you need to consider building your workforce. Therefore, it is essential to consider your options for Kuwait Recruiting & Hiring.

You need to have employees and talent that help your new business grow. However, you need to hire compliantly, since you do not want to face fines or delays. As an employer, you need to fulfil Kuwait’s employment compliance laws.

In the process of Kuwait hire employees you need to consider if you would like to do it internally, or if you prefer to get recruitment services Kuwait.

In either case, we are here to help. In Connect Resources we can deliver the best employees recruitment Kuwait, You can use our existing local subsidiary to hire employees that will work to expand your company. We ensure you can be productive from the start with the top talent your business deserves.

Moreover, we will be responsible for ensuring your business meets the employment compliance laws, so you can put your effort into building your company in Kuwait.

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Recruiting in Kuwait

Before you start the Kuwait recruitment hiring, it is important for you to learn about the local culture and employment law. Moreover, you also have to consider the logistics of the Kuwait recruiting & hiring process in the country.

For example, to do Kuwait hiring people you need to design a recruitment plan. Do you plan to recruit in-house? Or do you prefer to outsource your Kuwait recruiting & hiring?

Additionally, it is essential as an employer to know which laws you have to follow in relation to staffing and recruiting. Otherwise, you may run into problems and this can be detrimental to your company’s image.

So, if you are planning on hiring talent, you have two options:

In-house recruitment:

If you already have established a subsidiary, you can allocate resources to do the hiring internally. This means that you have to invest in resources, software, equipment, and hiring specialists if you want to obtain a great result. However, this may take some time since if you do not have a solid presence may be difficult to attract talent. You can use job boards, online newspapers, and advertisements.

Local recruiting firm:

You can get hiring services from a local agency that can deliver the best talent. This is also known as a PEO, however, you would still be liable for your employees after your Kuwait recruiting & hiring.

Global PEO:

Global PEO companies can assist you by letting you hire using their local entity. By using this option you do not need to establish a subsidiary since they can hire on your behalf and they will be liable for them. This option is great for those businesses looking to expand to more countries since they can have global employees.

Non-discrimination laws in Kuwait

When you are hiring worker in Kuwait, you need to comply with the laws against discrimination. As a company, you have to comply with Kuwait’s legal requirements. According to the country’s constitution, every person has the right and duty to work. Therefore, it should not be any differentiation between candidates when you are planning to hire an employee.

This means that if you are going to hire a person, you cannot do it based on their gender, religion, language or origin.

It is crucial to take this into consideration, especially during the interview process. You cannot ask direct questions about this matter because candidates may believe you are going to discriminate against them and thus it can lead you to legal repercussions.

Make sure to state that these factors do not affect your hiring decisions, and do it as clearly as possible.

Cultural norms in Kuwait

Hiring employees in Kuwait may be challenging, particularly for foreign employees. This is because the recruitment rules of your home country may be different from the ones in Kuwait.

In this regard, it is important to consider the local culture so you can understand how everything works in this country when it comes to the recruitment global employees.

Some of the most important are the following:

  • In Kuwait, relationships are highly valued, this is why it is common to see nepotism in business.
  • Another important cultural rule is that locals like to spend time catching up with friends when they greet each other.
  • Kuwaitis prefer to deal with problems outside of a group setting.
  • It is hard to hear a no from locals since they rarely say it. Instead, they say “possibly” or “perhaps”
  • Kuwait is known as a country with a history of traditional Islamic values. Therefore, foreigners should respect the country’s faith values.
  • Since it is forbidden to drink alcohol, people that incur in consuming, importing, brewing or trafficking liquor may face a prison sentence.
  • It is not allowed to use the mobile phone while driving

Since Kuwait is such a different country when it comes to its culture, it is important to be respectful and know how to handle recruitment efficiently. You can opt for outsourcing recruitment if you do not want to face any troubles.

The hiring process in Kuwait

As an employer, you can hire locals or foreigners. If you plan to hire non-Kuwait nationals you need to be their sponsor. Or, you can use an Employer of Record like Connect Resources to sponsor them.

Moreover, you need to understand everything about employment compliance laws, so you can offer a hiring contract that suits the regulations.

Your employees need to get a residency permit for a specific duration, which could be one, two or three years.

Here is the process you need to follow to do your Kuwait recruiting & hiring:

  • First of all, you need to provide your employees with an employment contract and job offer. This includes providing an employment contract.
  • You also have to determine eligibility to work by the Immigration Department. This is done by submitting the work permit application to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour.
  • After that, the Ministry will issue a pre-entry medical visa endorsement, work permit, and more.

Contracts in Kuwait

A crucial aspect of hiring in Kuwait is the contracts. You need to provide a written contract to your employees, following the set format, and the currency should be the Kuwaiti dinar. It should include the following details:

  • Salary
  • Job duties
  • Term of employment
  • Overtime payment, and more details

Employers have to provide a copy to the employee, a copy lodged with the competent ministry, and keep one copy for internal records.

Onboarding in Kuwait

After doing the hiring and recruitment, you need to go through one more step, which is onboarding. Your employees should have a smooth incorporation into your business. This is because seamless onboarding ensures a higher retention rate and it makes it easier for employees to adapt to their new roles.

Companies recruiting in Kuwait should provide the employees with their important documents during the first day, and review every significant aspect with them.

You can determine which method will be best for onboarding your employees, some of the best recommendations are the following:

  • Offering cultural training to foreign employees so they can have a better understanding of local customs and business etiquette
  • Do a brief talk where you explain the company’s vision, mission, and values
  • Provide on-the-job training for each position.
  • If you are in Kuwait, make sure to meet with your new employees by hosting a meeting to welcome them to your facilities.

Benefits of outsourcing recruitment in Kuwait

As you can see, global hiring involves dealing with many aspects, thus it can be an overwhelming process. In this regard, hiring outsourcing can be the best solution for you. Here are the benefits of partnering with specialists like Connect Resources:

  • Allows you to start working faster
  • Get assistance with hiring and compliance
  • Receive employees that are the perfect fit for the position
  • Get support with onboarding
  • Receive help with drafting employment contracts

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