Efada Medical Report 2024: Check Medical Report For Saudi Iqama?

All expatriate residents entering Saudi Arabia are required to possess a valid Iqama ID. So, this is a crucial document issued by the Ministry of Interior. Obtaining an Iqama is a pivotal step for expat residents arriving in the country on work or dependent visas. However, this process involves a requirement: obtaining an Efada medical report from approved medical centers.

In this article, we provide comprehensive insights into the Efada medical report, its significance, the list of Efada approved hospitals, and the detailed process of obtaining and checking the medical report.

Efada Medical Report 2023

Efada medical report

To secure a residence permit or Iqama, expatriates must undergo a medical test and obtain an Efada medical report from approved centers. Therefore, this process is a fundamental requirement for all expatriates entering Saudi Arabia on a residence visa. So, it is crucial to promptly visit Efada-approved medical centers upon arrival to initiate the medical test process.

Efada-Approved Medical Centers

Also, this is essential to know the online medical report check in KSA. Here are some approved medical centers according to reliable sources, categorized by city in KSA:


  • King Saud Hospital
  • King Saud Chest Hospital
  • General Hospital Sat Alallayh
  • Clinic Alber
  • National Guard Health Affairs
  • Medical Maximum Kindergarten Company
  • Muzahimiyah General
  • King Khaled Eye Hospital
  • King Salman Hospital
  • Hinakiyah General Hospital
  • King Fahad Medical
  • Durma General Hospital
  • ALEHSAA Hospital
  • Rafayi Alsamsh
  • King Abdulaziz Medical City
  • King Salman Kidney Diseases Center


  • Alhamra Hospital
  • Medical Department King Abdulaziz University
  • East Jeddah Hospital
  • Al Hamra health centre in Jeddah
  • Childbirth and Pediatric Hospital in Jeddah
  • Abdulazez
  • King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Jeddah – South Terminal
  • Alalameya Polyclinic
  • Alfaisal Medical Centre 3
  • Mohammed AlJedaani Medical Complex
  • Al Thager Hospital
  • King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital


  • Dammam Comprehensive Screening Centre
  • Medical Fitness Centre Hospital Prince Sultan Araarha
  • King Fahd Hospital
  • Shifa Al-Dammam
  • Security Forces Hospital
  • Dammam Medical Complex
  • Al Amal Complex for Mental Health
  • Al Ahmadi Medical Clinic

How to Obtain an Efada Medical Report?

This is essential to check medical report online in Saudi Arabia. So, you will know how to obtain an Efada medical report:

  1. Visit an Efada-approved medical center.
  2. Submit your passport at the reception and pay around SAR 200 for the medical test.
  3. Undergo a blood test and a stool test.
  4. If you pass the blood test, the center will issue your Efada medical report.

Efada Medical Report Result Check Online

So, this is the key to know medical report check online KSA. Expatriates can conveniently check their Efada medical test report results online on the Ministry of Health website using their Iqama border number and Sponsor ID number. Follow these steps for a medical report check online KSA:

  1. Visit the Ministry of Health (MOH) website at moh.gov.sa.
  2. Enter your border number and Sponsor ID number.
  3. Select the type as ‘Iqama Issuance’.
  4. Enter the verification code accurately and click on search.

Also, you know how to check medical report online in Saudi Arabia. Now, you can view the result of your Efada medical test report online.

Efada Medical Report for Driving License

So, you know Efada medical report result. In addition to its significance for residence permits, the Efada medical report plays a vital role in obtaining or renewing a driving license in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, applicants must acquire an Efada medical report from an approved hospital to proceed with the driving license application process.

Efada Medical Report for Driving License Process

Also, visit an Efada-approved medical center with required documents for registration:

  • Sponsor ID
  • Original Iqama
  • Original driving license
  • Two photographs
  • Fee for the medical test (approximately SAR 200)

After registration, undergo a blood test, an eye test, and a general checkup. Upon passing the tests, the hospital staff will update your medical test report on the Absher portal. Later, receive an SMS notification once the report is updated on the Absher portal. So, this is essential for the online medical report check in KSA!

Efada Medical Report Driving License Status Check

So, how to check medical report online in KSA? While the status of an Efada medical test report for a driving license cannot be checked online, the medical center staff typically updates the report on the Absher portal. Applicants receive an SMS notification once the medical report is successfully updated, ensuring a streamlined process for obtaining or renewing a driving license.

Benefits of the Efada Medical Report

Efada medical report

You know how to check medical report online in KSA. Understanding the advantages of obtaining the Efada medical report is crucial for expatriates in Saudi Arabia. We will delve into the key benefits that come with this essential medical document.

Streamlined Residency Process

Obtaining the Efada medical report significantly expedites the issuance of residence permits, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for expatriates. Therefore, this facilitates quicker integration into life in Saudi Arabia. The report acts as a catalyst in the residency process, reducing bureaucratic delays and providing expatriates with a faster pathway to legal residency.

Moreover, expatriates who promptly acquire their Efada medical reports experience a more straightforward transition, allowing them to focus on other aspects of settling in the country. Furthermore, the streamlined residency process contributes to a positive experience for expatriates, eliminating unnecessary hurdles and administrative hassles.

Health Assessment

The Efada medical report encompasses a comprehensive health assessment, offering expatriates valuable insights into their well-being upon entering Saudi Arabia. Also, through various medical tests, individuals receive a thorough evaluation of their health, providing a baseline for ongoing healthcare management.

Additionally, the health assessment embedded in the Efada medical report helps expatriates understand their current health status, fostering a proactive approach to well-being. Furthermore, the detailed health information empowers individuals to make informed decisions about lifestyle choices and healthcare practices.

Prevention of Health Risks

The inclusion of diverse medical tests in the Efada medical report allows for the identification and early prevention of potential health risks. By the same token, the proactive nature of health risk prevention ensures that individuals can address any emerging issues before they escalate.

Additionally, the comprehensive nature of the medical assessment supports a preventive healthcare approach, aligning with global best practices in disease prevention. Moreover, expatriates benefit from a higher level of awareness regarding their health, facilitating early intervention and management of potential health concerns.

Efficient Driving License Application

Acquiring an Efada medical report is a prerequisite for obtaining or renewing a driving license, simplifying and expediting the application process. So, the seamless connection between the Efada medical report and the driving license application process enhances overall administrative efficiency.

Furthermore, individuals can initiate the driving license application process promptly, thanks to the direct link between the Efada medical report and licensing requirements. Additionally, the streamlined process for obtaining an Efada medical report directly contributes to expatriates’ ability to navigate the driving license application process with ease.

Access to Efada Approved Hospitals

Therefore, the Efada medical report opens doors to a network of Efada approved hospitals, ensuring expatriates receive their medical assessments from recognized and reliable healthcare providers. Furthermore, the accessibility to Efada approved hospitals enhances the reliability and credibility of the medical tests conducted, instilling confidence in the results.

In addition, individuals benefit from the expertise of healthcare professionals affiliated with Efada approved hospitals, ensuring the accuracy and thoroughness of their medical assessments. Moreover, the network of Efada approved hospitals provides expatriates with convenient locations for undergoing medical tests, contributing to a hassle-free experience.

Convenient Online Result Checking

The Efada medical report process incorporates a user-friendly online platform for expatriates to conveniently check their medical reports, ensuring accessibility and ease of use. In a similar vein, the online result checking feature empowers individuals to access their medical reports from anywhere, enhancing convenience and flexibility.

Moreover, the user-friendly interface of the online result checking system ensures expatriates can navigate the platform effortlessly, enhancing overall satisfaction with the process.

Detailed Medical Information

The Efada medical report provides detailed and comprehensive information about an individual’s health status, enabling informed decision-making regarding healthcare choices. In the same way, the detailed medical information serves as a valuable resource for both expatriates and healthcare professionals, fostering a collaborative approach to health management.

Moreover, the Efada medical report’s inclusion of comprehensive details contributes to a higher level of transparency in health reporting, promoting a thorough understanding of one’s health status.

Enhanced Public Health Monitoring

So, the Efada medical report, as a component of the overall health assessment system, contributes to the monitoring of public health by identifying and addressing potential health threats. Furthermore, the data collected through the Efada medical reports supports public health initiatives and allows authorities to proactively manage health-related challenges.

Additionally, the Efada medical report system fosters a collaborative environment between individuals and public health authorities, promoting shared responsibility for community health.

Prompt Medical Report Availability

The Efada medical report system ensures the prompt availability of medical reports, allowing expatriates to access their health information within a reasonable timeframe. In light of this, the expeditious processing of medical reports enhances individuals’ ability to make timely decisions based on their health status.

Additionally, the timely availability of Efada medical reports aligns with the dynamic nature of expatriates’ lives, providing them with agility in managing their healthcare.

In summary, the Efada medical report global compatibility feature aligns with the international mobility of expatriates, providing them with a universally recognized health assessment document. For expatriates seeking efficient processes, Connect Resources serves as a guide through administrative requirements. Contact us!

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