Check Kuwait Civil ID Status Online 2023: PACI Renewal Inquiry

After seeking the civil id documents, you must complete the civil status check Kuwait. This will enable you to monitor the delivery as well as the identification status. Additionally, according to government rules, the verification process is the same for both locals and foreigners.

In this guide, you can find out how to check someone’s civil status and the methods for online check civil id status. You will also understand how to confirm that this Kuwait civil card was delivered.

Kuwait Civil ID Status Check Online

civil status check Kuwait

It is crucial to perform the civil status check Kuwait if you have submitted an application for a visa. In this instance, Kuwaiti government agencies have issued the official identification card. This identification is also helpful for gaining access to government buildings and services. Additionally, double check to make sure you renew it in time; else, you will be responsible for the lapsed fine.

The Public Authority for Civil Information, or PACI, website is the best place to request a consultation before performing the renewal. Furthermore, you can perform the civil ID renewal check through this particular official page. Similar to this, there are other approaches you can take while performing the most popular online civil ID Kuwait status check.

Civil ID Status check Kuwait by PACI

Use the Public Civil Information Authority’s official website to check Kuwait’s civil ID status, which is a service that both locals and visitors can use by doing the following:

  1. Go to PACI
  2. Select “card status”
  3. Enter Kuwait civil id check number
  4. Click “submit”
  5. See civil id status inquiry Kuwait

Wait a few days after completing the Kuwait check civil id status before performing the delivery verification. Likewise, you can pick up the civil identification on your own after it is fully finished. Moreover, you can request shipment to your home location while only paying KD 2 for shipping. Also, you can follow the Kuwait ID’s delivery.

On the other hand, requesting the PACI can be done in person or online while speaking of the process of applying. You must provide the entity with the identification number and all the supporting paperwork it requires in this regard.

The civil registration will then give you a special number that you may utilize for a variety of legal processes. This applies to registering for classes, dealing with governmental bodies, visiting embassies, and other situations when formal identity is required. Likewise, you will require this civil number to check new civil id status in Kuwait.

Civil ID Status Check on the State of Kuwait Website

Enter the official digital portal of the government services in the State of Kuwait by following these steps:

  1. Go to the official website of public support in the State of Kuwait
  2. Type in your civil number
  3. Then, choose “consultation”
  4. The website will provide you with detailed information about the current state of the card.

Civil ID Status Verification via Voicemail

Foreigners and Kuwaiti nationals alike can use voicemail to enquire about the Kuwait check civil id status. By taking the following actions, you can employ the voicemail feature:

  1. Dial 188988
  2. Select language
  3. Select 1
  4. Enter ID number
  5. Wait for status

Civil ID Status Verification by Passport Number

You can access your Kuwait civil ID status check by passport number if you know your number. Similarly, the process for creating the query is as follows:

  1. Go to ministry page
  2. Select “internal reference number”
  3. Enter nationality date, if you are a resident
  4. Enter passport number and expiry date, if you are a foreigner
  5. Click “consult”

Kuwait Civil ID PACI Home Delivery Status Check

You can verify the status of home delivery, as we said after civil status check Kuwait. In this instance, we will explain what you need to do to finish this verification:

  1. Go to PACI
  2. Click “options”
  3. Select “delivery request status”
  4. Enter Kuwait ID number
  5. Select “search”
  6. Then, you will see the delivery status of your KID card

Check Civil ID Status on Mobile Device

You can perform the verification on your mobile device in addition to visiting the PACI Web site on your own PC. By following these broad methods, it will be simpler for you to ask the question from any location:

  1. Enter website
  2. Fill up the box with your civil identity number.
  3. Select CHECK to view what was requested and check the present status.

Like other verifications, this civil status check Kuwait is crucial since it will provide you with a quick indication of its status.  Because of this, you will be ready to act quickly to fix the problem. Make sure you complete the verification beforehand to avoid wasting time and make everything simpler.


civil status check Kuwait

The Civil ID Status Kuwait is a critical and necessary step in the life of a Kuwait citizen. It provides an individual with the necessary legal documents and information needed to live and work in Kuwait. It also provides the necessary information to access government services, such as healthcare, education and social services.

The process of obtaining Civil ID Status Kuwait is relatively straightforward, and it is important for citizens to make sure that the information provided is accurate and up to date. The Civil ID Status Kuwait is an important tool for citizens, and it is a vital component of the Kuwaiti government’s efforts to ensure a safe and secure environment for its citizens. With the Civil ID Status Kuwait, citizens can rest assured that their personal information is protected, and they can access the services they need to succeed in Kuwait.

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