Gratuity in Qatar 2024: How To Calculate End of Service Gratuity


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It would be beneficial to have access to the gratuity calculator Qatar if you recently quit your employment so that you can determine how much gratuity you should earn. By doing this, you can guarantee whatever you are receiving complies with the law and avoid filing a complaint. This is so because the rules for this reimbursement for household and company personnel have been established by the national authorities.

How To Calculate Gratuity in Qatar 2024, Know about end of service gratuity Qatar?

gratuity calculator Qatar

When a worker leaves the company, the employer typically pays them a gratuity in Qatar. Along with the employee’s contract, end of service gratuity Qatar also largely depends on the number of years the individual has worked for the business. Therefore, you can accurately determine how much a staff member should receive using the Qatar gratuity calculator.

How To Compute Gratuity in Qatar:

Every year of service is worth 21 days, which is the basis for calculating the gratuity. The base for figuring out the gratuity amount is the most recent basic salary. The amount that you must pay the employee out of the gratuity may be withheld by the employer.

End of service Qatar law

In Qatar, a worker may obtain compensation upon the expiration of a contract. The payment requirements are set down in Article 54 of the Labor Law, more specifically Law No. 14 of 2004. As a result, for every year of service, the gratuity equals at least three weeks of the base wage.

Similar to that, Article 81 outlines what occurs if the employee’s employment expires but they have not yet had their annual vacation. In this situation, the employee must additionally obtain compensation for the vacation days they did not get.

The employee is also responsible for covering the cost of their return flight to their home country, much like with end of service Qatar pay. The new employer, however, will be responsible for paying repatriation if the employee begins working there before departing for Qatar. As a result, the present employer is responsible for paying the gratuity as well as any other monies due in accordance with Qatari legislation.

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Additionally, if the employee only worked for a portion of the year, that amount must enter into the gratuity calculator Qatar. In a similar vein, the government developed the criteria for continuous labor in order to determine gratuity. Only if the grounds for termination differ from those set out in Article 61 of the law is it taken into consideration. Consequently, employers must really know how to compute gratuity in Qatar.

Additionally, the worker had to have come back to the business within two months of departing. Similar to this, the gratuity calculator Qatar uses the most recent basic wage to determine how much should they obtain. Additionally, the employer has the right to deduct any debt the employee has to the company from the benefit.

Gratuity calculation in Qatar after 5 years

The payment occurs between the employee and the employer in accordance with the same law, according to the gratuity calculator Qatar. Contrary to earlier legislation, this payment must not be under 21 days’ worth of pay for every year of employment. It specifies 4 weeks of remuneration for employees who had been operating for five to ten years. And 5 weeks for those who had been working for over ten years.

How to calculate end of service in Qatar on the MOL site?

Workers can view the entirety of their gratuity on the Qatari Ministry of Labor’s website. You simply need to enter your entry and exit dates, your basic monthly wage, and the number of pay days per year to complete this. Although the service is only accessible in Arabic, we nonetheless give you the instructions for determining end-of-service in Qatar:

  1. Go to the end of service calculator Qatar site (
  2. Enter the date you joined the company.
  3. Next, write the end-of-service date in the following line.
  4. The following step is to input the basic salary that was paid.
  5. Please refer to your contract of employment to determine the number of pay days per year of work.
  6. Lastly, select Calculate.

The government ensures openness and gives employees the opportunity to understand their right to pay. The government also ensures that businesses may comply with their legal obligations. Therefore, learning how to calculate end of service in Qatar is essential for employers and employees alike.

Employee dismissal with no gratuity

The conditions under which an employer may terminate an employee without making this payment are laid out in Article 61 of the labor code. According to the article, the employer may also end the employment relationship in the following circumstances without giving previous notice:

  • If the employee makes false statements about his identity, nationality, identification documents, or educational credentials.
  • When the employee causes the company to suffer a significant financial loss as a result of an error. However, the employer is required to notify the relevant department of the incident no later than the first working day after becoming aware of the error.
  • For repeatedly disobeying worker and safety at work regulations in spite of warnings. The agreed regulations must also be documented in writing and displayed where everyone can see them.
  • Whenever a worker violates the rules outlined in their contract of employment or the legislation regarding employment. However, after receiving the necessary warnings, this must occur more than once.
  • A worker is also not eligible for the perk if they are spreading trade secrets of the employer.
  • If an employee is using drugs or alcohol while at work.
  • For assaulting a manager, boss, or superior at work or for professional grounds. Likewise, for repeatedly acting aggressively against colleagues despite warnings.
  • If the employee misses 7 consecutive days of work without an excuse or 15 days sporadically in a year.
  • As a result of a judicial punishment for offences involving honesty and integrity.

Qatar end of service calculation if the worker dies

gratuity calculator Qatar

In accordance with Qatar’s Labor Law, the worker’s termination of employment also applies in the event of death. As a result, Article 55 mandates that the employer place the legal sum that the employee is due in the purse of the appropriate court. Additionally, within 15 days of the death, you have to submit any additional rights to a portion of the gratuity.

Additionally, the employer has to create a document that includes the precise amount using the gratuity calculator Qatar. A copy of said act must also be in place with the Ministry of Labor by the employer. In accordance with Islamic Sharia, the appropriate court will next divide the total sum among the deceased worker’s heirs.

If you are an expat worker, you may also be able to apply the relevant laws in your country of origin in this situation. However, the court will send the funds to the State Public Treasury if three years pass following the procedure and it is unknown who should receive them.

Gratuity for housekeepers

The computation of this amount appears in Article 15 of Law No. 15 of 2017 for housekeepers. So, in addition to other payments that are due, the domestic worker has the right to get a gratuity payment at the end of their employment. To be eligible for the benefit, the worker must have been working for the same company for at least a full year. If this is the case, then, employers must know how to calculate gratuity in Qatar.

Both the employee and the employer must concur on the payment schedule, which cannot be under 3 weeks annually. Similar to this, if the employee only has been working for a portion of a year, they also obtain the gratuity calculator Qatar. That is, a proportionate reward depending on the number of years of employer service.

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