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There are companies in the UAE that are dedicated to executive search where they evaluate leadership and provide executive training to employees. There are offices to assist companies in obtaining, evaluating and developing extraordinary leaders and to provide leadership alternatives, behaving as leaders and business partners for successful regional corporations throughout the Middle East region.

They also offer executive search options, evaluate and train personnel at the highest levels, leading them to focus on senior management and relevant positions that are based on client dedication.

The ideology is to optimize the value of the clientele by means of a consultative communication, to concentrate, adapt and respond effectively to the commercial challenges imposed by the clients.

Such organizations are sincerely committed to quality and rapid results, which in turn are compatible with global reach and deep regional experience.

Industry practice teams make it possible to find leaders who have vast experience with diverse cultures and abilities, while taking advantage of the benefits of the global network of resources.

Modern tools and strategies are used to assess personalities that and the potential ability of candidates.

What kind of experience is requested in executive search?

Diversity is the secret to success in the UAE, and outside and resource companies need staff with a lot of cultural experience and potential to navigate the oil-dependency-related volatility that dominates the Middle East region.

The collective work that companies in the Middle East and North and East Africa, together with those in Dubai, provide companies with the means to invest in the UAE by developing and evaluating leadership.

Having solid knowledge in the energy, technology and consumer, education and healthcare fields, we support recruiting companies for extraordinary leaders around the world.

How to guarantee a successful executive search?

Key locations can change companies, so finding the right executive staff is critical.

For the executive search to achieve its objective, a thorough analysis with creativity, good judgment and logical thinking must be carried out. Through smart search, companies are provided with strategies for identifying, attracting, and developing exceptional executive employees.

Studying the industrial environment, evaluating the cultural aspects and movements of management and administration provides the support by which we assist clients in order to obtain personnel who innovate and have the knowledge to be business leaders.

The consultants mix industrial and functional experience with cultural and geographic information to ensure that clients can dynamically select candidates.

Through cooperation and industrial experience we guide companies to have appointments that modify their future and guarantee the future.

Executive Search Board.

Its objective is to synchronize culture, chemistry and skills with corporate goals, since it is key to an independent, diversified and efficient search.

Boards of Directors always attract a lot of attention, as investors, regulators and the media go to them to maintain stable corporate governance while achieving success in commerce.

As companies grow in hierarchy, effective boards need diverse talents to support the boom, in an environment of many changes in technology and economics.

We bring together the financial, legal, and human resource knowledge to guide companies in selecting board members and how effective they can be.

What do executive development and training services imply?

Every novice executive needs to have credibility promptly, to make sound decisions with all confidence in order to build trust in those around him. The objective is to contribute to the development of executive staff.

Why do executive staff often fail?

 They do not achieve cultural adjustment.

 Little collaboration with staff and employees.

 They do not know the performance expected of them.

 Little political knowledge.

Executive training and development make executives build a solid foundation for success and avoiding common obstacles.

Where does executive development and training focus?

It usually focuses on four fields:

1. Include business leaders who have transitioned into a new position.

2. Provide training for the growth and development of leaders.

3. Efficiency of the executive team.

4. Develop specific leadership

Result of an Executive search
Executive Workers Team having a meeting at the office.
Executive search in action.

How we map the executive market.

We provide companies with the intelligence required to explore new industries, recognize skills, and find exceptional executives.

It is not easy to know if there is a certain type of talent in the industry. Therefore, we give clients an in-depth study of the availability and quality of talent at their fingertips.

Regardless of whether a new CEO or business team is being recruited in a new market, specific reports are made that show who he really is in all fields of clientele and other important areas.

With many investigators available, our staff works in harmony with industry leaders and the team of consultants to make complete and reliable reports on potential candidates.

Our research strategy has a lot of creativity. We have investigators in different countries who help us assure clients that they receive varied and culturally significant intelligence.

We provide efficient research assistance to consultants and clients regardless of requirements.

How are temporary appointments made?

We provide clients with the means to meet the needs for relevant skills in times of transition, crisis and growth.

Companies can guarantee to have access to the talent pool required to maintain and grow their business.

Perhaps to facilitate the transition, supervision of key projects, achieving an important management position momentarily, it is essential to integrate best practices and encourage continuous improvement afterwards.

We provide clients with a good number of trained clients and independent consultants through the global network.

What leadership services do you provide with executive search?

Assessing leadership helps make companies make informed decisions based on reports related to executive selection, identifying talent and planning for replacement.

Currently, leaders may feel, overburdened, pressured, and unable to shape the company’s results.

International executive staff has one thing in common, and that is to harness the potential of their staff and implement business strategies while accommodating complex and rapid transitions.

Assessing leadership allows companies to identify stronger leaders who have the skills and vision to grow in challenging environments.

Any leadership assessment supports companies because:

 The profile of potential members in senior management positions.

 Assessment of talents in support of high potential.

 Plan the succession.

 Support executive development.

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