Everything you need to know about Employer of Record services in Dubai

Expanding a company and its operations is what every company owner desires when their goal is to build a strong brand. And when the opportunity to expand your business comes, the best way to ensure success is by getting EOR services. If your company is in Dubai, you will easily find the best Employer of Record services and get many benefits.

In this article, you will learn everything you should know about Employer of Record services in Dubai and the UAE. We will provide you with the information you need about the benefits of using these services to expand your business. Besides, you will also discover some tips to choose the most suitable EOR services provider for your company in Dubai.

  1. What should you know about Employer of Record services?
  2. Differences between Employer of Record and staffing agencies
  3. Benefits can you get by using Employer of Record services in Dubai
  4. How to choose an EOR services provider that fulfills your company’s needs?
  5. What are the differences between EOR and PEO in the UAE?
  6. How can we help your company with our EOR in Dubai?

1. What should you know about Employer of Record services?

An Employer of Record or EOR is a services provider that can take responsibility for several procedures of a company. And these processes are mostly financial and legal affairs that must be completed to create and operate an office abroad. For example, some of the procedures that an EOR can take care of can be payroll management, tax documentation, etc.

Hiring an Employer of Record in the UAE can be favorable if you are looking forward to expanding your business. This type of service provider will assist you significantly and provide you with guidance on international matters during the process. And below you will be able to discover more information about the services and benefits that an EOR can give you.

1.1. How many responsibilities does an Employer of Record have?

Being aware of the responsibilities that an EOR carries is essential if you desire to know how favorable these services are. Besides, it will also help you understand how delegating certain tasks to an EOR can help you improve your company. And in most cases, an Employer of Record is responsible for performing critical operations and tasks, such as the following:

  • Ensuring full compliance with local labour laws and tax legislation. Drafting valid employment contracts and agreements is a part of an EOR’s responsibilities.
  • Representing a firm as an entity that is registered as a legitimate employer in a specific region.
  • Controlling payroll operations and filling in tax and insurance forms on the employer’s behalf. For example, I-9, W-2, and many other types of forms are filled in by EORs.
  • Another responsibility that an EOR carries is arranging work permits and visa-related documents. And this task is vital in case it is necessary to relocate international employees.
  • An EOR can offer consultancy services regarding the best strategies and practices for employee onboarding, contract termination, severance pay, etc.

2. Differences between Employer of Record and staffing agencies

In some cases, many company owners are not aware of the differences between staffing agencies and Employer of Record services. As a result, confusing these two different concepts does not allow them to get the benefits they are looking for. Therefore, it is important to know about the key differences between them if you desire to get a specific outcome.

Usually, you can find three key differences between an EOR and a staffing agency, which are focus, responsibilities, and benefits. You will be able to find more information about these factors below.

2.1. Focus

An Employer of Record in Abu Dhabi or any other location will handle documentation, tax paperwork, and payroll. Besides, an EOR is responsible for benefits administration, personnel vetting, and contract termination.

On the other hand, staffing agencies will manage and smooth out the recruitment processes, supplying the workforce for contract projects and seasonal activities. Plus, the goal of these agencies is to scout talent for short-term or long-term projects.

2.2. Responsibilities

An excellent Employer of Record will carry the following responsibilities:

  • Ensuring documentation compliance as well as workplace safety.
  • Accepting or assuming responsibility for financial and legal decisions.
  • Managing employee termination.
  • And representing the main office as a registered business entity abroad.

On the other hand, a staffing agency will carry these other responsibilities:

  • Spotting ways to close job openings as fast as possible.
  • Carrying out particular recruitment procedures, such as screening and interviewing candidates.
  • Onboarding and managing teammates within the client company.

2.3. Benefits

When you hire an Employer of Record in a country like the UAE, you can get a lot of benefits. In fact, hiring an EOR can give you confidence in compliance with the recruitment or hiring formalities in other countries. And some of the benefits that your company gets are these:

  • You can transfer responsibilities related to documentation errors.
  • You will save time and money when it comes to dealing with payroll tasks, benefits administration, and other functions.
  • Your company will still have full freedom to establish its value, corporate culture, and processes.

Meanwhile, staffing agencies reduce the time needed to close a job opening and help find the best candidates in the market.

3. Benefits can you get by using Employer of Record services in Dubai

Getting the services of an Employer of Record can bring you many benefits that will help your company grow exponentially. For instance, entering new markets can be an easy task if you have an EOR as a partner. Furthermore, your chosen EOR will manage your HR operations while you focus on more important functions.

Among the most outstanding benefits that you can get with an EOR you can find these:

  • Enter global markets easily.
  • Stay compliant with local labour laws.
  • Reduce potential risks.
  • Save time by delegating certain responsibilities.
  • Reduce costs when setting up a global office.

3.1. Enter global markets easily

Registering a business entity abroad and building global teams can be challenging but can also bring a lot of benefits. For example, these processes can lead to getting an affordable workforce, a larger talent pool, workplace diversity, and many more. But removing global market entry barriers is something that you should not do alone but with an Employer of Record.

3.2. Stay compliant with local labour laws

Getting to know local laws in a different country can be overwhelming for many business owners looking forward to expanding. As a result, these business owners can get severe penalties and fines due to their lack of knowledge and compliance. However, with an EOR, they can avoid these issues and the EOR will be responsible if a breach of law happens.

3.3. Reduce potential risks

When expanding a business to global markets, there will be always risks of making mistakes of all kinds, especially legal ones. Nonetheless, when you hire an Employer of Record, this service provider will be responsible for any potential risks and mistakes. Plus, an EOR can take care of official documentation, pay taxes, draft agreements, and make sure your company stays compliant.

3.4. Save time by delegating certain responsibilities

There are many processes that are time-consuming for any company, including keeping track of paperwork, running payroll, administering benefits, etc. And when a company does not have enough expertise and tools, these tasks can become a headache for everyone involved. But an EOR will help you manage these tasks and save valuable time to focus on your company’s core activities.

3.5. Reduce costs when setting up a global office

Opening an office abroad can be not only complicated but also expensive since there are a lot of costs involved. For example, some of the most common expenses are related to establishing a subsidiary/branch and hiring financial and legal assistants. However, an EOR can help you reduce these expenses since you will not need to hire HR, financial, and legal consulting companies.

4. How to choose an EOR services provider that fulfills your company’s needs?

Finding a suitable Employer of Record in the United Arab Emirates can be very easy if you follow these tips:

  • Make sure that your chosen Employer of Record has the necessary experience and expertise to manage legal and financial matters. If your EOR has many years of experience managing these matters in your target location, then it is a potential ally. Plus, it is also important that your chosen EOR has knowledge regarding international labour laws and tax legislation.
  • Consider the reputation of the EOR before hiring their services. You should also consider three main factors related to an EOR’s reputation; activity time, client base, document compliance, and tax records.
  • You should also make sure that your EOR vendor provides your company with employee insurance, training, onboarding, and performance improvement programs. Furthermore, a good EOR should also offer financial advisory services and vacation and sick day policies.
  • A reputable EOR must have well-defined protocols in order to protect intellectual property. Moreover, your agreement with an EOR must include the description of procedures to protect sensitive and confidential data.

5. What are the differences between EOR and PEO in the UAE?

Besides EORs, you can also hire a PEO to get particular services. However, there are certain differences that you must take into consideration before hiring a PEO. In fact, there are different circumstances that determine whether your company needs the services of a PEO or an EOR.

For example, if you have a limited budget but desire to make your company grow internationally, you should choose an EOR. On the other hand, you should also choose an EOR in case you are prepared to transfer your employer responsibilities. A Professional Employer Organization in the UAE will provide you with other services that will benefit you in other circumstances.

Nonetheless, a Professional Employer Organization in Abu Dhabi or any other place will provide you with similar solutions. For example, it can help you expand your business internationally and manage HR functions. However, make sure to get more information about the differences between PEO and EOR before hiring any of these entities.

6. How can we help your company with our EOR in Dubai?

Connect Resources is ready to provide you with the most effective EOR services in Dubai and the UAE. And besides, we can also provide you with services related to Professional Employer Organization in Dubai to improve your company. As a result, you will be able to successfully expand your business across other countries in the Middle East region.

Furthermore, if you are already set up in the UAE and other countries, we can help you make significant improvements. All you will need to do is to get in touch with our team and request our different HR services. This way, your company will receive the best solutions to satisfactorily overcome the most challenging issues during the expansion process.

Would you like to contact us to obtain more information about the benefits of using Employer of Record services in Dubai? If that is the case, you should call us at +971 43 316 688 and a member of our team will answer all of your questions. You can also send us an email at contact@connectresources.ae if you desire to get more information about this matter.

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