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What is Staff outsourcing UAE?

A business solution that helps
your company expand rapidly!

Staff outsourcing involves a company delegating specific responsibilities to a third party, such as Connect Resources, allowing the company to grow more rapidly by allocating fewer in-house resources to these tasks. The staff outsourcing company will handle all staff-related matters, including recruiting, visa processing, and payroll.

In the UAE, staff outsourcing offers several advantages. Companies can preserve their visa quotas, onboard a large number of employees in a short period, and avoid the need for a bigger office space. Simplifying staff outsourcing in Dubai means that your employees will be under the staff outsourcing company’s visa, and their payroll will be managed by them.

What We Offer in Our Staff Outsourcing UAE Services

Whether you need one or 100 new candidates to help your business reach new
heights, we will manage the entire hiring process, whether you prefer staff from Dubai or anywhere else in the world. We handle all aspects to deliver the staff you need.

Whether you decide to shift your existing employees under our staff outsourcing model or hire new ones, we will take care of all paperwork, immigration, and onboarding processes. Forget about visa quotas or visa processing—it’s all on us.

With our staff outsourcing services in Dubai, you won’t need an accountant to
process salaries for your employees. Whether we are talking about 1 or 1,000
employees, we will handle it all.

Our staff outsourcing package includes a cloud-based HR system where you
can manage employees’ time and attendance, and see all payroll calculations
and payments made to your employees by us.

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Staff Outsourcing Benefits

Low-Cost Solution

By shifting your existing employees or hiring new ones under our staff outsourcing model, you eliminate the need to allocate company resources for payroll, visa, and recruitment purposes. This can reduce costs by at least the equivalent of three salaries.

Visa Quota & Office Space

All employees under our UAE staff outsourcing model will be on Connect
Resources visas, meaning you don’t need to rent a bigger office to hire more


Using our staff outsourcing services in Dubai is an alternative way to handle
Emiratization. It can help your company keep the employee count under the Emiratization threshold and shift all Emiratization responsibilities to our staff outsourcing company in UAE.

Company Name Protection

Sometimes terminations can take an ugly turn and damage your company’s
reputation. With staff outsourcing, all legal complaints regarding employees will be handled by us, protecting your company name from any bad reputation.

Why Staff
Outsourcing is Essential Today?

When aiming for rapid growth, speed and compliance play major roles. In a fast-changing legal and regulatory environment, it’s critical to have a partner who can support you. Connect Resources, as your staff outsourcing company, will be like fuel for your business, ensuring that all labor-related matters are handled swiftly and compliantly.

Other Solutions

We also offer

PRO Service

Our expert Recruiters swiftly match top-tier talent in the Middle East to fit your budget and expectations, from junior roles to C-level positions, within just three days.

HR Consultancy

A successful business relies on the people, so you need to have a solid strategy to find exactly the people that you need to fill the job.

Payroll Outsourcing

A seamless and cost-effective solution enabling companies to manage employee payroll accurately, without the need to invest in or maintain an in-house system.

PRO Service

Looking for assistance in UAE with license renewals, government approvals, or employee visa queries? Our tailored PRO services are here to be your reliable partner.

HR Consultancy

A successful business relies on the people, so you need to have a solid strategy to find exactly the people that you need to fill the job positions.

Payroll Outsourcing

A seamless and cost-effective solution enabling companies to manage employee payroll accurately, without the need to invest in or maintain an in-house system.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?


With over 6 years in the market, we have extensive knowledge and understanding of UAE laws and regulations. This ensures a smooth and
swift onboarding process, as well as effective handling of labor escalations.

No Third Parties

We do not use third-party services; we handle everything in-house. This means budget-friendly costs and a high level of data and sensitive information
protection managed directly by us.


More than 1,000 companies in the UAE choose our staff outsourcing services
for their employees. We would be delighted to have you as one of them.


Approved by the UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, we
legally and compliantly offer staff outsourcing services in the UAE.


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Outsourcing their responsibilities to others is referred to as staff outsourcing. Companies can outsource staff, HR operations, payroll, and visa services as well to grow their business faster

Not only staff outsourcing, we also offer visa and payroll services to organizations in the Middle East. It provides them the time to focus more on their business by relying on us for hiring and managing services on their behalf.

No one wants to waste time on hiring and managing staff on their own when they have a chance to outsource the task and get the best benefit out of it. Similarly, staff outsourcing is the need of an hour, to progress in business like never before you must opt to outsource staff, or else you will waste your time in hiring and firing the staff

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