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For clients who want to hire staff members and manage payroll without initially setting up a subsidiary or branch in Qatar, our business offers employer of record services. With our Qatar PEO, your applicant is employed in accordance with regional labor rules and can be onboarded as quickly as possible. Connect Resources will carry out your in-country needs as liable as possible.

Customers can handle payroll in Qatar with our all-inclusive solution and PEO service while we take care of their HR services, tax obligations, and compliance management needs. As a EOR/PEO expert, we handle employee expenses, benefits, best practices for employment contracts, and termination when necessary. Also, we update you on any modifications to Qatar’s local employment legislation.

Hiring in Qatar

Qatar’s visa sponsorship program: Foreigners make up almost 90% of Qatar’s workforce. As a result, our clients require our services to both place a worker on a regional payroll and sponsor the person’s work permit for Qatar. This is a typical aspect of our provider and is typically attainable. Before we can determine whether our local firm can sponsor the visa, in some circumstances, the citizenship or work history of an individual may need to be checked.

We advise being clear about whether the company would solely sponsor the employee’s employment and residency permits or whether it will also sponsor the candidate’s family members’ residency permits when discussing with a candidate in Qatar. It’s typical for employers of professionals to sponsor the spouse’s and children’s residency visas.

Employment Contracts in Qatar

In Qatar, it is necessary to have an employment agreement in place that specifies the conditions of the employee’s pay, perks, and termination obligations. Additionally, the salary and any other remuneration amounts should always be in local rather than foreign currency in an employment contract in Qatar.

Working Hours in Qatar

According to the local labor law, employees must work 8 hours a day and 48 hours a week maximum. Nevertheless, during Ramadan this lows to 6 hours a day and 36 hours a week.

Holidays in Qatar

There are 8 national holidays in the region.

Vacation Days in Qatar

Statutory Minimum: After one year of continuous service, an employee is eligible for the following yearly leave with pay:

  • 3 weeks of paid leave after between one and five years of service.
  • 4 weeks of paid time off after five years of service.

During partial years of service, this is prorated. Before the employee takes his annual leave, the company must pay him. This includes the vacation pay to which the worker has a right to; also this will include the amount to which the worker qualifies for, for the work that they have completed up until the time of taking the leave.

In Qatar, the standard market vacation allotment for executives is frequently expanded to 4 weeks of paid leave.

Also, firms offer a yearly round-trip ticket to the worker’s home nation during the vacation period. We advise making it clear to employees whether they will receive the yearly round-trip ticket for their complete family or just themselves.

Moreover, Muslim employees may take up to two weeks of unpaid time off for religious purposes during the course of their employment.

Sick Leave in Qatar

After working for three months, Qatari employees are eligible for sick leave pay. Therefore, workers can take up to two weeks. As a result, to be eligible for this benefit, you must submit a medical certificate.

Parental Leave in Qatar

If a woman has been working for the firm for a full year, she is eligible for 50 days of maternity leave. Consequently, they can take up to two weeks before birth and at least a month after.

Although there is no legal paternity leave, many employers do provide fathers with between three and five days of leave pay.

Health Insurance in Qatar

Healthcare for Qataris is either totally free or quite cheap. In general, expats want additional insurance.}

Supplementary Benefits in Qatar

Employee benefits in Qatar frequently include additional health and life insurance. We advise being up front about whether life and health insurance coverage will be given to the employee solely or to the employee’s family when negotiating with candidates. As part of our service, Connect Resources will set up insurance benefits for the worker when they sign up for our employee outsourcing scheme.

Salary, housing benefits, and transport allowance typically make up total pay in Qatar. Some workers in Qatar may also bargain for educational benefits for their kids. Generally speaking, we advise negotiating the entire remuneration package. The local contract of employment may divide the agreed-upon total remuneration into smaller sums to reflect any necessary allowances once the annual pay has been agreed upon.

In Qatar, additional allowances and bonuses are frequently negotiated, and depending on the structure, they may or may not be taxable. Connect Resources provides comprehensive pay package advice to clients using our Employer of Record service at every stage of the process.

Termination in Qatar

Six months is the maximum probationary period. A worker may only undergo one probationary period with a single employer. The company may terminate the agreement within the probationary period with 3 days’ notice; this, if the employer considers the worker is unable to perform job tasks.

In Qatar, end-of-service rewards are due to any employee who has worked for an organization for more than a year. The remuneration due consists of the base salary plus any applicable cost-of-living adjustments, as well as:

  • Up to five years of continuous service, 3 weeks are granted for every year of service.
  • The second five years of continuous employment are worth four weeks for every year of service.
  • Over the following ten years of service, there will be 5 weeks for every year of service.
  • 6 weeks are added to every year of service that exceeds 20 years of nonstop employment.

The employee must pay this amount within seven days of their last day of employment with the company. In reality, most businesses pay an amount for each full or partial year of employment that is equal to one month’s wage.

Employees with indefinite contracts often have a 30-day notice period if they have been with the company for less than five years. The notification period is at least 2 months before the date of termination; this, if the length of service exceeds five years.

Employers who sponsor work visas and residency permits pay for the employee’s departure to their home country. Also, they are responsible for making sure they depart within seven days of receiving their exit permit. The employer may notify the police or migration authorities if this 7-day window is overrun.

Taxes in Qatar

There are no individual social security taxes or personal income taxes.

Why choose us?

It takes time, money, and complexity to set up a subsidiary in Qatar to employ a small workforce. Strong worker safeguards are provided by Qatari labor legislation. Which calls for careful review of every detail and familiarity with regional best practices.

Qatar expansion is simple and quick with Connect Resources. Without having to deal with the hassle of establishing a foreign branch office, we can assist you in hiring the candidate of your choice, deal with HR issues and payroll, and make sure you are in compliance with local laws. Our EOR and Qatar PEO solution gives you peace of mind so you can concentrate on managing your business.

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