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    Partner with Connect Resources

    Partner with Connect Resources

    Companies partnering with Connect Resources can enjoy the benefits of leaving their customers’ payroll and compliance responsibilities in capable hands. We are an experienced HR Management Agency that works with customers from all around the globe. In short, we manage your clients’ payments, contracts, and more in one place.

    Why partner with Connect Resources?

    Support Business Owners

    Help your customers suffice their international staff and payrolls legally. Correspondingly, with Connect Resources, your clients will outsource payments effortlessly and cost efficiently.

    Earn Rewards and Other Benefits

    Associates can choose from our wide variety of partnership packages. Therefore, they will be rewarded with benefits for partners and clients alike.

    Partner with the Best in the Market

    Connect Resources is the best HR Management Agency in the region. With years in the market, we have developed a level of expertise that appoints us as the greatest company in our field.

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    How do you want to partner with Connect Resources?

    Become a Partner

    Firstly, your company has customers that need to suffice their payroll responsibilities while also remaining compliant with international regulations.

    Secondly, you deal with payroll duties for your customers and want to find a great and reliable HR Management Agency to do it for you.

    Thirdly, your company is looking for an HR Management Agency to help your clients suffice their workforce remotely at a low cost and quickly.

    If you or your company are going through any of these scenarios, join Connect Resources and become a partner now.

    Become an Affiliate

    Firstly, you know investors or entrepreneurs who want to hire overseas that could take advantage of our wide variety of services.

    Secondly, your business is interested in earning commissions by referring a personalized affiliate link to any interested parties.

    Thirdly, you want to provide your friends, acquaintances, and business partners with discounts on payroll and other important managerial services to help them develop internationally.

    If any of these circumstances apply to you or your company, join Connect Resources and become an affiliate now.

    Partnership Packages

    By becoming a Connect Resources partner, you will be able to select from any of these three packages that will benefit your company. In the end, you can find the perfect one that suits you and your customers’ needs.


    Making referrals will benefit you and your clients altogether. In summary, you will be sending custom links to your clients to acquire Connect Resources’ HR Solutions. As a result, they will get a discount to our numerous services and you will get a commission.


    On the other hand, with this package, you will give your customers one bill to pay. Consequently, you will maintain the billing relationship. Plus, you will be able to include the services we provide with yours.


    Finally, you can choose to give your clientele every benefit they may need. Offer your clientele unparalleled value by offering different limited discounts on their payroll according to their necessities.

    Reliable. Secure. Compliant. Connect Resources

    About Us

    Reliable. Secure. Compliant.

    We will take the liability out of your hands
    When your company decides to start hiring remote contractors and employees with Connect Resources, we take responsibility of all the liability to make sure that you remain compliant with local and international laws.

    Ensure your GDPR compliance
    Connect Resources is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation and other privacy laws from all around the world. So, you do not need to worry about our reliability as an HR Management Company. Your company and clients will be safe with us.

    We will be supporting you 24/7
    Our dedicated group of agents will be providing you support any time you need it. It will not matter the time of the day; Connect Resources will be there for you. Thus, if you have any queries, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

    Your security will be a priority
    When partnering with us you will not lose power over your business. We allow affiliate companies to retain complete control of their intellectual property and other invention rights. Connect Resources assures you remain safeguarded in every aspect.


    Want to do business with us?

    Hire temporary employees on Daily and Monthly Rates. Provide us with the Job Description. Choose from ready to deploy candidates with relevant experience to your requirements.

    Become a Connect Resources Partner

    Do not think it twice and become a partner now! Contact us today and start working closely with one of the best HR Management Agencies in the region. As a matter of fact, we can answer all your questions and discuss every alternative you have to be part of the Connect Resources family. Let us get to know your business and your customer’s needs better.

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