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Are you looking to begin your business adventure in Oman? Then, we are your best alternative! Connect Resources is the PEO you need to expand through Oman seamlessly. With us, you can establish your business presence in the region and solidify your team successfully. Consequently, we can help you hire and start operating as soon as possible.

With our Employer of Record solution, you can obtain the support you need to run your business in Oman. We have the necessary knowledge and expertise to help you expand through the region. Our team can give you assistance to hire a complete team of workers in Omen. Therefore, we will manage them and provide them with their payroll with no issues.

This new team will start working as soon as possible towards your goals. They will adapt quickly and prove that they are the bests in what they do. As a result, you can increase your company’s productivity and enhance certain processes in Oman.

Hiring in Oman

Hiring in Oman can be an easy process with us. We offer our contract drafting services to create compliant contracts and help you remain compliant. Our staff will do the most to create binding contracts that benefit both parties involved. Therefore, employers and employees do not have to worry about anything.

Working Hours in Oman

The work week in the region consists of 45 hours, 9 hours per day maximum. In Ramadan, the working hours change to 6 hours a day, 30 hours per week.

Vacation Days in Oman

Oman employees must receive 30 days of annual leave with pay if they have been working for the company for over six months.

Sick Leave in Oman

Workers obtain 10 days of sick leave with full pay in the region. If they need to take more time, they will obtain 75% of the salary for the 3rd and 4th week of leave; 50% of their salary for the 5th and 6th week of leave and 25% of the salary for the 7th and 10th week of leave.

Parental Leave in Oman

Female employees will obtain 50 days of leave with pay. They can opt for it three times during their employment service within the same company.

Insurance in Oman

Employers must provide life insurance services for their employees in Oman.

Termination in Oman

The period of probation cannot exceed three months. Also, termination depends on the type of contract of every employee. According to the law, contracts must specify the notice period and the end-of-service gratuity benefit for the employee. The notice period can change from a month to 15 days, according to the contract.

Taxes in Oman

The regional VAT is 5%.

Why choose us?

Connect Resources is the PEO firm you need to establish your business in Oman. With our professional support, you can hire employees and expand through the region. Consequently, you can count on us to manage them and handle all of your HR needs in Oman. Our company has years of experience providing EOR and PEO solutions, so you can rest assured that your team and company will be in professional hands.

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