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Having staffing issues is a serious thing. Therefore, when needing volume staffing, mass hiring, and enterprise staffing, you can trust us. It does not matter if you need staff during a peak season or for a short-term project, with our workforce solutions Dubai you can rest assured that you can have your staff as soon as possible.

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    Learn what each of these solutions can bring for your business

    Volume staffing:

    The term volume staffing describes the process of quickly employing a high number of people. The number of employees added over the course of a few weeks or months could range from a few dozens to thousands. This hiring strategy is also employed when a business receives a large number of candidates for a certain position.

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    HR Outsourcing

    Mass hiring:

    Mass hiring describes the process of bringing on a big number of workers quickly. Many new employees are frequently employed at once when a business is rapidly growing or starting a new branch. As a result, to achieve excellent hires and a positive candidate experience, the process calls for extensive preparation; infrastructure; and involvement throughout the whole organization.

    Enterprise hiring:

    Enterprise hiring is another way of hiring employees for your business. Usually, this type of recruitment is performed through a system that recruiting agencies provide. With enterprise hiring services, you can obtain a professional solution to your staffing needs.

    HR Outsourcing

    Know the challenges of volume recruiting

    The issues of volume hiring are comparable to those of traditional recruitment, only magnified by the number of positions that must be filled. The most common challenges that companies deal with are:


    There are many moving components involved in the hiring process, so it is important for teams to coordinate their calendars. However, if you do not have a great team behind you, timing and scheduling can be an issue when hiring people. Subsequently, with our workforce solutions Dubai, you can ensure that the hiring process goes as quick and smoothly as possible.


    Organization is essential when your staff is managing a large number of candidates. Nevertheless, most in-house HR teams have other responsibilities and organizing their time can be difficult. Hence, this is why outsourcing the volume staffing process with us is important. Because you can relieve your team from this duty and obtain professional support through the hiring process.


    Reaching sufficient numbers of competent people where they are looking for open positions is a major difficulty with volume hiring. If you exclusively publish positions on your website, you will miss out on job hunters who are looking elsewhere. Therefore, hiring us will keep you from experiencing this type of problem.


    Diversity can be challenging to attain in a short amount of time. Especially, according to the demographics of the area where you are hiring and the positions you are attempting to fill. With us as your main recruitment agency, you can obtain a diverse pool of candidates to choose from. As a result, you can efficiently go through the mass hiring or enterprise staffing steps with no problems.

    HR Outsourcing

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    Find great talent by integrating mobile solutions and process automation to hire at scale, speed, and volume. This high-volume hiring method benefits both candidates and hiring managers. With our services you can finding the ideal individuals for your volume staffing problems. As a result, you will have a large selection of talent to choose from. Our qualified team will exert every effort to speed up your mass hiring process.

    In order to discover the most qualified candidates for the open positions, we will make every effort to comprehend the job duties you desire. As a result, we will make full use of all of our resources to assist you in finding excellent staff. Our skilled team of experts can assist you with every stage of the employment process as one of the best hiring firms in the UAE. subsequently giving you the tools you need to handle it in the most effective manner.

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    If you have to fill multiple roles at once or need help with mass hiring, working with a volume staffing expert is a logistically and economically effective option. We work with a variety of firms from various industries, with 5 or more open positions. Our entire method and timing are available for your evaluation and examination. Furthermore, we operate as an extension of your team, adhering to your company’s principles.