EOR Transfer

if you are thinking about doing an EOR Transfer UAE process, we are here for you. Connect Resources is the best option to manage your HR processes, therefore, if you want us as your new EOR schedule a meeting now!

    EOR Transfer

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    EOR Transfer

    What is EOR Transfer

    EOR transfer means changing EOR providers. Employer of Record (EOR) service providers assist you in ethically hiring top employees from around the world. However, sometimes you can find out that the provider is not right for you after starting to work with them. As a result, this is where our EOR Transfer Service comes in handy, as we can help you switch from your current services to our new ones with no problem.

    Connect Resources is the top Employer of Record provider in the region. With our resources, you will not have to worry about dealing with any challenge. Combining technologically enabled automation and human skill. In this way, you can feel confident that your overseas hires are in capable hands.

    Our Services

    How it works

    Our staff will begin our onboarding process before you tell your current provider about your UAE EOR Transfer process. We will start by registering you and your staff members on our platform. You can then upload employee details, tell us what contract agreements you desire (for example, the number of yearly leave days), and track the onboarding process. Also, there we will collect and save your important details.

    EOR Transfer

    EOR Transfer Process & Benefits

    Process of EOR Transfer

    After starting your process, we will help you go through the following EOR Transfer Dubai process:

    • Firstly, we will assist you in preparing your team members.
    • Then, we will transfer your employees to our system.
    • Consequently, we provide your team with our onboarding tools.
    • Lastly, we will take care of every process, such as payroll, immigration, recruiting, and more.



    When hiring our EOR Transfer Service, you can benefit of:

    • A cost savings examination for swapping EOR suppliers.
    • Make the most of our enhanced transition strategies that make sure you have no further issues with your onboarding, hiring, compliance, benefits, payroll, or else.
    • Create a suitable strategy that includes your employee visas, requirements for every region your business is in, and more.
    • Enjoy the professionalism of our customer service team which will be available for you at all times.
    • Provide your staff members with a professional EOR experience thanks to our resources and technology.

    EOR Transfer Requirements

    Access to employee files

    Permission to analyze the company’s processes

    Payroll records

    Immigration documents

    Why Choose Us

    Connect Resources is the main EOR in the United Arab Emirates. We provide our EOR solutions to top-notch companies in the region. As a result, we have gained the necessary expertise to deliver a premium service to any type of business.

    With us, you can easily go through your EOR Transfer UAE process and end up enhancing your business processes and more. Let us take care of your company and give you the resources you need to make it grow and develop.

    EOR Transfer