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Investors looking to establish and run their business in Egypt can trust us as their main EOR expert in the region. Consequently, we will make sure to provide them with the necessary services to help them increment their presence in the region. Our Egypt PEO service is the support you need to hire, manage, and pay employees in the region with no issues.

With the support of our Professional Employment Organization, we take all of your HR duties and streamline them. As a result, you obtain strong business operations in the region. Our team provides employee benefits, best practices for contracts, and termination support when necessary. Similarly, we provide timely and unparalleled advice for your business.

Your new team will act as if they were part of your business from the start. Therefore, your business productivity will be at an all-time high thanks to our professional hiring experience. With the assistance of Connect Resources, you can easily access the talent your company needs to strive in Egypt.

Hiring in Egypt

Hiring in the region can be an easy process if you have the support of a professional PEO in Egypt. Therefore, with our team by your side, you do not need to worry about the worrisome process of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring employees in the area, as we will handle it for you. When hiring in Egypt, we will make sure that the contracts adhere to the regional laws. Also, we will guarantee to reflect the salaries and compensations in the local currency.

Working Hours in Egypt

Typically, the Egyptian workweek is 40 hours, 8 hours per day from Sunday to Thursday.

Holidays in Egypt

There are 12 national holidays in Egypt.

Vacation Days in Egypt

In the region, workers usually receive 21 days of annual leave with pay, this once they have been working for more than six months within the same company. When reaching the age of 50 (or after working for 10 years for the same company), employees are eligible for a whole month of leave with pay.

Sick Leave in Egypt

Usually, employees are eligible for no more than six months of sick leave with pay.

Parental Leave in Egypt

Female workers can obtain 90 days of maternity leave with pay. Also, according to most contracts, mothers can only obtain maternity leave two times within five years.

Health Insurance in Egypt

Private businesses have to provide free healthcare for employees privately or through the Medical Insurance Plan of the Ministry of Social Insurance.

Termination in Egypt

Probation periods must not be longer than 3 months. Employers looking to terminate employees, have to go before a committee with judicial powers, this at the Ministry of Manpower and Migration. The committee will decide within 15 days if they want to grant the request. Consequently, the company can dismiss the workers, however, they can challenge the dismissal if deemed unfair.

Taxes in Egypt

Worker income tax is established on the total net income outside and inside of the region for residents whose centre of professional, industrial, or commercial activities is in Egypt. Additionally, tax will also be imposed on the earnings of non-residents for the money they obtain in Egypt. The yearly tax exemption is EGP 9.000.

The social insurance amounts are:

  • Employee Share 11% or 18.85%.
  • BOD is 21%.
  • ER Fund – Base salary: 1% (max. base salary is 2.210 EGP).

Why choose us?

Establishing any type of business in Egypt is hard, especially for those who do not know much about the region’s guidelines. Therefore, we suggest you hire our PEO solutions. With us, you will not have to worry about learning how to compliantly manage your Egyptian workforce, as we will overtake this process for you. Let us handle your HR duties and payroll in Egypt and focus on expansion thanks to our team’s support.

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