Introducing Car Rental For Our People

We always prioritize our employees’ Well-being, Safety, Comfort and Convenience. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our latest offering – Car Rental Service. Exclusively for people under our visa, catering to their ground transportation needs.

About Car Rental

Make Your Ride Better With Us

Connect Resources’s Car Rental Service is more than just about getting from point A to B; it’s about empowering our employees with affordable mobility options to excel in every journey they undertake. Because when they succeed, so do we. Our service offers competitive rates, ensuring that people can hit the road without the burden of high costs.

Our Exclusive Car Rental Benefits

Affordable Mobility

Enjoy the best price that beats any other car rental service in Dubai, UAE without fail.

Doorstep Delivery

Pick the desired car from our portfolio and we deliver it to your preferred address.


Offering latest-model cars with powerful engines, providing you comfort and safety.


We offer flexible rental options to accommodate our employees’ evolving needs.


Renting Made Easy

Renting a car with Connect Resources is as effortless as it gets, with a minimum rental period of just 6 months. Take the stress out of renting – all it takes is a quick download of our catalogue, a simple selection of your preferred wheels, and a friendly message to our team at or fill out the form below.
Once you’ve sealed the deal, anticipate the excitement as your chosen car arrives at your doorstep in a mere 2-3 days. Let’s make your road ahead smoother, together, with Connect Resources.

Download the Catalogue

Browse our catalogue to find your dream ride. Download now and discover a
world of options at your fingertips

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