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Payroll Services

This is the foundation of our Platform

We offer fully managed cloud based payroll outsourcing services – processing your payroll efficiently, accurately, and easily. We guarantee on-time salary payments and entire compliance with local rules and regulations.

This practice takes away the hassle of managing the monthly payroll and enable concentrate on the main business. We have invested in qualified resources and latest technology to make the process more effective and fully compliant.

Whether you are a small or big company, you can consider outsourcing your payroll to Connect Resources.

Our Services Include
  • Payroll processing, including issuance of online pay slips
  • Employee benefits administration
  • WPS payments counseling and guidance
  • Management of employee reimbursements and travel expenses
  • Leave management including update on accrued / consumed leave
  • Bonus, overtime and incentives management
  • Automated alerts for expiry of passport / visa and other key documents
Our Payroll Features:
Save time and minimize reporting risk

Attract and retain top talent by giving your employees access to big business health care coverage.


Employees easily access pay stubs online, saving you both time.


Technology makes it easy to track and calculate garnishments.


Multi-layered security ensures that access is limited to the right people.


Alerts warn of potential errors before processing.


A dedicated specialist answers questions and helps provide a stress-free experience.


No room for fraudulent activities or leakage of compensation data

Compliance with the local rules & regulations

Guidance on compliance with local mandatory requirements

Save Cost

Cost reduction by eliminating the need for a dedicated payroll team within the organization