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Staff Outsourcing

Staffing Outsource Services offer clients a flexible outsourcing solution to enlist the services of a senior level executive and / or specialist on a temporary basis. Temporary Staff can be an excellent solution for businesses dealing with challenges, leading change or fulfilling a gap.

Connect Resources provides high quality staffing solutions that are delivered within the agreed time frame, considering the special needs of your organization.

Our long and short-term staffing outsource options ensure that you can focus on your core business functions, while we provide you the people you need for your specified duration.

Our staffing solutions are flexible, efficient and cost effective.

All our outsourcing services are entirely compliant with local rules & regulations and can be integrated seamlessly with your hiring process, payroll and benefits.

Advantages of Staff Outsourcing through Connect Resources:

Employees will work full-time at the client premises with all payroll and HR activities undertaken by Connect Resources. We are fully licensed to perform this activity, and our staff Outsourcing process is fully compliant in line with UAE labor laws and regulations.

On-boarding of Contract Staff

When we recruit employees for the purpose of contract staffing, we undertake processing of all the formalities. Following the visa being granted by the authorities, we take the candidates on our payroll, and outsource them to clients.

During the completion of the visa formalities, and while taking the candidate on our payroll, we provide support on various fronts to ensure seamless on-boarding and minimal involvement from the client: