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    What make us Unique?

    Tailored experience

    Our unique ability to provide tailored experiences for each client based on their individual needs and preferences makes us unique. This is achieved through careful listening, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the industry

    Fast and easy process

    Our process is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward, making it easy for you to understand and follow. You can expect clear communication and a transparent process, so you always know what to expect. Additionally, our process is designed to be flexible, allowing us to adapt to your specific needs and requirements.

    High professional team

    Another benefit of working with us is our high-professional team with many years of experience. Our team members are experts in their respective fields and have a wealth of knowledge and skills to bring to the table. This experience allows us to provide our clients with the highest level of service and expertise.


    Forget about the complicated process. With us, you will obtain your Residency in no time.

    – No background check,
    – no sponsor needed!

    All we need is your passport copy and a passport-type photo of you!

    Why is Dubai so popular?

    Growing Opportunities

    • Highly diversified economy
    • Entrepreneurial environment
    • Business-friendly administration
    • Gateway to Middle-East, Africa, Central Asia and Subcontinent
    • Meeting point for professionals, entrepreneurs and investors from around the world

    High-end lifestyle

    • One of the most lavish & luxurious metropolitan cities in the world
    • Filled with parks, greens, lakes and ponds being the green oasis in the desert
    • Amazing sports infrastructure allowing to keep the shape and enjoy sports events
    • Eye-popping architecture
    • Astounding seaside and beaches
    • Nightlife full of glamour

    Tax free Income

    • No personal & capital gains tax
    • Earn from your skills, business and investments and keep it all

    How to Get a Residency in UAE?

    Its Easy! Just Follow Four Simple Steps & Residency is Yours

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    Schedule a call with our experts and learn more about the information you will need to apply for a Residency.

    Submit Application

    Send us the required documents and fill out the form so we can submit your application.

    Obtain Your Residency

    Get your Residency in no time thanks to the support of our professional team.

    Enjoy UAE

    After obtaining your Residency you can start enjoying sunny UAE

    Hear it from our Clients


    I had a very smooth experience with my Residency. The service is professional organized flexible and they are always willing to help with anything I have needed whether it be work permit, setting up my business in Dubai. I am so glad I chose to go with Connect Resources.

    Laura S.
    Personal Trainer

    Thanks to connect resources in a very short time I could start running my business they defined me a schedule for the process and they sticked on it. Juvie supports me permanently, gives me quick and accurate answers. They are a key partner for me.

    Fernando Martin
    Global Engineer

    I had a wonderful experience having my Residency by connect resources! My experience with connect resources was about Juvie. She is just amazing! She was helping me to get all the necessary documents all way long and was very supportive and kind.

    Yuliya B
    Music Instructor

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    Connect Resources are biggest residency provider in the UAE approved by Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE). License number 773036. We have years of experience and thousands of happy clients. By choosing us you choose smooth and fast start of your journey.

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