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Employee Dashboard

Streamline employee-related administration with advanced HR technology

Connect Resources Employee Self dashboard gives your employees easy, anytime access to benefits and payroll information, so that they're not interrupting you every time they have a question and request. Moreover, it provides an interactive dashboard that allows you to analyze all your company's HR data and create custom reports so that you can make well-informed business decisions.

Our Employee Self Service Dashboard includes:
Instant access to forms and data

Employees can view and print their online paystubs, paid time off balance and benefits information.

Online benefits enrollment

Employees can use cost calculators and plan comparison tools for an easier decision-making process.

Web Reporting

For designated employees, provides secure access to reports with real-time information, including customized reports in multiple Microsoft formats.

Web Payroll

Gives authorized personnel the ability to submit and verify company payroll information online, securely and accurately.

Mobile app

You and your employees have anytime, on-the-go access to their paystubs, benefits plan information, balances, paid-time-off details and more.

Live support

A Dedicated Account Manager available anytime by phone or email